The CBSC's Structure

The CBSC is a compact organization, dealing with much correspondence, many complaints and a host of issues which belie its size. At the head of the CBSC is the National Chair, who chairs both the National Executive as well as the two National Adjudicating Panels. The operational base of the Council is the Secretariat which is lead by the Executive Director. There are seven Adjudicating Panels: two National Panels and five Regional Panels which are made up of volunteer adjudicators representing the public and the broadcast industry in equal numbers.

National Chair

The National Chair is the official "voice" of the Council, representing the Council through public speeches, interviews, and appearances before public bodies and other groups and audiences within and beyond the Canadian borders. He must have no ties to the broadcasting industry. The National Chair is a member of the Secretariat team and also heads both the National Executive (the effective "Board of Directors" of the CBSC) and the National Panels. The National Chair may also sit ad hoc as a public member of any Regional Panel when necessary.

Executive Director & Secretariat

The Executive Director and, through him, the Secretariat, is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Council and produces the documents of the Council. Located in Ottawa, the Secretariat replies to complaint letters and directs them to broadcaster members for response, responds to public requests for information, drafts and issues news releases and decisions regarding complaints and other matters, prepares the Annual Report, maintains complete records of CBSC membership, and liaises with its members and the CRTC, as necessary.

National Panels

Two National Panels (one dealing with Specialty Services and the other with Conventional Television) adjudicate complaints concerning national programming. A program will be considered in this category if it is broadcast: a) by any Specialty Service, b) as a network or national broadcast, or c) complaints regarding the program have arisen in three or more Regions. The National Panels each have five industry representatives and a common group of five public representatives from which the Adjudicators on any CBSC file will be chosen. A Vice-Chair is named from each of the three groups (specialty services broadcasters, conventional television broadcasters and the public). Each Panel sits with three public and three industry representatives and the National Chair presides.

Biographies of current sitting members of the National Panels can be found on this site.

Regional Panels

Five Regional Panels (Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairie and British Columbia) adjudicate complaints concerning member broadcasters in their respective regions. Each Panel has five industry representatives and five representatives from the public from which the Adjudicators on any CBSC file will be chosen. Each Panel also has a Chair and Vice-Chair who alternately represent the broadcast and public sectors. Each Panel sits as a body of six Adjudictors taken in equal numbers from the industry and public representatives.

Biographies of current sitting members of the Regional Panels can be found on our site.

National Executive

The National Executive is composed of thirteen members (the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of each of the Regional Panels and the three Vice-Chairs of the National Panels) and the National Chair. Thus, its membership is drawn equally from the broadcasting industry and the public. The National Executive, which also acts as the CBSC's Board of Directors, is responsible for initiating and overseeing the CBSC's informational and educational activities, making necessary code change recommendations to the CAB based on the complaints the CBSC receives, approving the Annual Report, advising on policy-related questions, and reviewing the progress of the Council in meeting its objectives. For issues of particular interest, the National Executive may also consider complaints (although it has not yet done so).