HIFI re 10 000 BC, The Mechanic & Trailer Park Boys

CBSC Decision 16/17-0474
2017 CBSC 7
August 9, 2017
A. Noël (Chair), D. Braun, J. Doobay, E. Duffy-MacLean,
P. Gratton, J. Pungente, L. Todd


In November 2016, the CBSC received a complaint from a viewer about a number of different programs broadcast on the specialty service HIFI.  He was primarily concerned about coarse language being broadcast during the day, but also mentioned other mature elements of the programming.  He identified three separate programs:

10 000 BC

10 000 BC is a British reality show in which 20 volunteers are sent to the Bulgarian wilderness to live for eight weeks like it is the Stone Age.  HIFI aired the same episode on November 5 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm and again on November 6 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.  There were no viewer advisories at all during either broadcast and a PG icon was displayed on both occasions for 4 seconds.  The episode contained 19 instances of the word “fuck” and 13 instances of “shit”.  The viewer complained about the language and the lack of advisories.  With respect to this aspect of the complaint, HIFI apologized for having unintentionally aired an unedited version without advisories and stated that this was flagged for its scheduling department so that a censored version of the program would be aired in future.

The Mechanic

The Mechanic is a 2011 action movie about a professional hit man named Arthur Bishop, “mechanic” being a slang term for hit man.  Bishop takes on Steven as an apprentice, who is the young adult son of his boss and mentor.

HIFI broadcast the film on November 5 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.  There were no commercial breaks during the broadcast, but the broadcast was preceded by the following viewer advisory in audio and video formats:

Viewer Discretion:  The following program deals with mature subject matter and contains scenes of nudity, violence and coarse language.  Viewer discretion is advised.

A PG icon aired for 4 seconds at the beginning.  It was not repeated at the top of the second hour.

Although a few instances of the word “fuck” were muted, the majority were not.  There were also many scenes of violence and three scenes of sexual activity.  For example, in one scene, Bishop shoots his mentor point-blank while the man is sitting in his wheelchair.  In another, Bishop strangles a man with a strap and then hangs his body on a door and puts on a pornographic video to make the death look like auto-erotic asphyxiation.  In another scene, Steven has gone to the house of a man he is supposed to kill, under the pretence that the two will have sex.  The man is considerably bigger than Steven so when Steven tries to strangle him, he is able to throw Steven off of him.  The two men engaged in a protracted fighting sequence with much kicking, punching, throwing and stabbing.  Both men end up very bloodied, but Steven eventually manages to kill the larger man by hitting him repeatedly with a fireplace shovel.  There are also a couple of lengthy fight sequences with firearms and a scene in which Bishop holds an adolescent girl’s hand over a sink garbage disposal, threatening to injure her if her father does not reveal important information.

In addition, there were scenes of sexual activity, such as Bishop and a prostitute having sex.  The woman’s breasts are blurred, but her naked buttocks are visible.  In another scene, Steven has intercourse against the exterior wall of a bar with a woman he met there.

The complainant’s concern in this case was primarily the coarse language.  HIFI claimed it was a censored version of the film and noted that it had aired viewer advisories and a classification icon.  The complainant accurately pointed out that, despite HIFI’s contention, not all instances of the f-word were muted.

Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary comedy.  The program is fictional and mostly scripted, but the characters occasionally address the camera as if they are filming a documentary.  The series centres on best friends Ricky, Julian and Bubbles who live in Sunnyvale trailer park and make their living selling drugs and committing petty crimes.  The comedy results from their plans going awry and their unique personalities.

The characters’ speech is peppered throughout with the words “fuck” and “shit”, as well as occasionally other expressions such as “pussy”, “asshole”, “bitch”, “hench-whores”, “rug munchers” and “son-of-a-whore”.  HIFI muted out the word “fuck” in its broadcasts of the program at 8:00 pm on November 10 and 14, but left other coarse language unmuted.  The episodes on those dates also included scenes of:  gunplay during a botched truck heist; a young man getting shot; numerous drug references and two characters getting high on hash; secondary character Mr. Lahey extremely inebriated; a man presumed dead after they hit him on the head, so they wrap up his body and strap it to the hood of their car; talk about “banging” in reference to sexual activity and a scene in which Ricky is performing cunnilingus on his girlfriend, although no nudity is shown; and allusions to prison sex.

HIFI aired another episode of Trailer Park Boys on November 16 at 2:00 pm.  In that broadcast, all coarse language was completely uncensored.  The plot centred on Ricky’s drug sales and Julian running a casino from his trailer.  Real-life American celebrities Snoop Dog, Tom Arnold and Doug Benson arrive unexpectedly to visit the casino.  There are numerous references to and scenes of marijuana consumption, and one scene of assistant trailer park supervisor Randy brawling with a large woman, which concludes with Arnold making fun of Randy for getting an erection.

HIFI broadcast a G icon at the beginning of each episode for 4 seconds.  It also broadcast the following viewer advisory in audio and video formats at the beginning and coming out of every commercial break:

Viewer Discretion:  The following program deals with mature subject matter and contains scenes of nudity, violence and coarse language.  Viewer discretion is advised.

The complainant’s concern again was the “poorly censored F-word”.  The station acknowledged that it had aired an uncensored version on November 16, but pointed out that the f-word was censored in the other two episodes and that an advisory had appeared on all three.  HIFI wrote that it would work internally to ensure greater quality control on its scheduling of inappropriate language.

The complainant filed his Ruling Request on February 2, 2017 noting that HIFI was still broadcasting the f-word before the late viewing period and displaying the classification icon for only four seconds.

More complete transcriptions and descriptions of the relevant scenes for all programs can be found in Appendix A.  The full text of all correspondence can be found in Appendix B.


The English-Language Panel examined the complaint under the following provisions of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ (CAB) Code of Ethics and Violence Code:

CAB Code of Ethics, Clause 10(a) – Television Broadcasting (Scheduling)

Programming which contains sexually explicit material or coarse or offensive language intended for adult audiences shall not be telecast before the late viewing period, defined as 9 pm to 6 am.  Broadcasters shall refer to the CAB Violence Code for provisions relating to the scheduling of programming containing depictions of violence.

CAB Code of Ethics, Clause 11 – Viewer Advisories

To assist consumers in making their viewing choices, when programming includes mature subject matter or scenes with nudity, sexually explicit material, coarse or offensive language, or other material susceptible of offending viewers, broadcasters shall provide a viewer advisory

1) at the beginning of, and after every commercial break during the first hour of programming telecast in late viewing hours which contains such material which is intended for adult audiences, or

2) at the beginning of, and after every commercial break during programming telecast outside of late viewing hours which contains such material which is not suitable for children.

Suggested language for suitable viewer advisories is outlined in Appendix A [of the code].  The suggestions are meant as possible illustrations; broadcasters are encouraged to adopt wording which is likeliest to provide viewers with the most relevant and useful information regarding the programming to which it applies.

CAB Violence Code, Article 3.0 – Scheduling

3.1       Programming

3.1.1   Programming which contains scenes of violence intended for adult audiences shall not be telecast before the last evening viewing period, defined as 9 pm to 6 am.

CAB Violence Code, Article 4.0 – Classification

Icon Use Protocols


The rating icon is to be keyed over the first 15-16 seconds of the program.  [...]  For programs which run longer than one hour, the icon is to be repeated at the beginning of the second hour.  These are minimal use standards; stations may wish to use the icons more frequently on programs with particularly sensitive content.

Classifications for English-Language Broadcasters

G - General

Considered acceptable for all age groups.  Appropriate viewing for the entire family.

This programming is intended for a broad, general audience.  While not designed specifically for children, it is understood that younger viewers may be part of the audience.  Therefore programming within this classification shall contain very little violence, either physical, verbal or emotional.

It will be sensitive to themes which could threaten a younger child’s sense of security, and will depict no realistic scenes of violence which minimize or gloss over the effects of violent acts.

Violence Guidelines

Other Content Guidelines

Language:     may contain offensive slang; no profanity

Sex/Nudity:   none

PG - Parental Guidance

This programming, while intended for a general audience, may not be suitable for younger children (under the age of 8).  Parents/guardians should be aware that there might be content elements which some could consider inappropriate for unsupervised viewing by children in the 8-13 age range.

Programming within this classification might address controversial themes or issues.  Cognizant that pre-teens and early teens could be part of this viewing group, particular care must be taken not to encourage imitational behaviour, and consequences of violent actions shall not be minimized.

Violence Guidelines

Other Content Guidelines

Language:     might contain infrequent and mild profanity; might contain mildly suggestive language

Sex/Nudity:   could possibly contain brief scenes of nudity; might have limited and discreet sexual references or content when appropriate to the storyline or theme

14+ - Over 14 Years

Programming with this classification contains themes or content elements which might not be suitable for viewers under the age of 14.  Parents are strongly cautioned to exercise discretion in permitting viewing by pre-teens and early teens without parent/guardian supervision, as programming with this classification could deal with mature themes and societal issues in a realistic fashion.

Violence Guidelines

Other Content Guidelines

Language:     could possibly include strong or frequent use of profanity

Sex/Nudity:   might include scenes of nudity and/or sexual activity within the context of narrative or theme

18 + - Adults

Intended for viewers 18 years and older.

This classification applies to programming which could contain any or all of the following content elements which would make the program unsuitable for viewers under the age of 18.

Violence Guidelines

Other Content Guidelines

Language:     might contain graphic language

Sex/Nudity:   might contain explicit portrayals of sex and/or nudity

The Panel Adjudicators read all of the correspondence and viewed recordings of the challenged broadcasts.  The Panel concludes that HIFI breached all of the aforementioned code provisions.  The specifics of each breach in each broadcast are explained below.

10 000 BC

The CBSC has consistently held that the word “fuck” and its variations constitute “coarse or offensive language intended for adult audiences” and therefore should not be broadcast outside the “watershed” period of 9:00 pm to 6:00 am, as set out in Clause 10 of the CAB Code of Ethics.[1]  The presence of the f-word always necessitates viewer advisories, regardless of the time of day at which it is aired.  Lack of viewer advisories on a program containing the f-word constitutes a breach of Clause 11 of the CAB Code of Ethics.[2]  An absence of viewer advisories is all the more problematic when the f-word has been incorrectly broadcast prior to the watershed.

This is exactly what has occurred in the two broadcasts of 10 000 BC at issue here.  HIFI had two choices:  1) edit out the f-word so it could air the episode before 9:00 pm. or 2) air the episode uncensored after 9:00 pm.

Had HIFI chosen the first option and edited out the f-word, it would have been entitled to leave in the word “shit”, in this particular case, because the CBSC has determined that “shit” is acceptable before 9:00 pm only if it is used in a non-insulting manner.[3]  In this case, the word “shit” was used once by an individual to argue he was not a “bullshitter”, once as an interjection, and 11 times to refer to actual feces.  Given these contexts, it was acceptable for HIFI to broadcast the word “shit” at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm.  The presence of that word, however, still requires viewer advisories as per Clause 11(b) of the CAB Code of Ethics.[4]

Had HIFI chosen the second option and broadcast the episode after 9:00 pm, it still would have required viewer advisories as per Clause 11(a), as mentioned above.

With respect to classification, HIFI gave 10 000 BC a PG rating.  Had HIFI edited out the f-word, this rating would have been acceptable because there is no other content in the episode that would raise it to a higher level.  The presence of the word “fuck”, however, means the broadcast should have carried at least a 14+ rating.[5]  In addition, HIFI only displayed the classification icon for four seconds rather than the required 15 to 16 seconds as set out in Article 4.0 of the CAB Violence Code.[6]

To summarize, HIFI is in breach of Clause 10(a) of the CAB Code of Ethics for broadcasting the f-word outside of the late evening viewing period (9:00 pm to 6:00 am), of Clause 11 of the CAB Code of Ethics for failing to provide viewer advisories alerting to the coarse language, and of Article 4.0 of the CAB Violence Code for rating the episode too low and for not displaying the icon for the required 15-16 seconds.

The Mechanic

Despite HIFI’s contention that this was an edited version of the movie, only six instances of the word “fuck” were muted; 11 others were left in.  There were also 12 instances of “shit”.  As mentioned above, it is a clear breach of Clause 10(a) to broadcast the f-word before 9:00 pm.

Although coarse language was the complainant’s primary concern, the CBSC always reviews the broadcast in its entirety.  This film, being of the action movie genre, was replete with violence.  Clause 3.1.1 of the CAB Violence Code states that scenes of violence intended exclusively for adults shall not be broadcast before 9:00 pm.  In determining what constitutes “violence intended exclusively for adults”, the CBSC has said it will consider factors such as frequency, suspense, gore, explicitness and overall theme.[7]  Given the nature of this movie and its multitude of scenes depicting extreme violence and the resulting injuries, the Panel considers that HIFI violated Clause 3.1.1 of the CAB Violence Code.

The movie also contained three scenes of sexual activity:  Bishop and the prostitute in bed together; the girl-on-girl porn video visible and audible on a laptop computer following a “hit”; and Steven with the woman from the bar in the back alley.  Clause 10(a) of the CAB Code of Ethics states that sexually explicit scenes intended exclusively for adult audiences shall not be broadcast before 9:00 pm.  The CBSC has defined “sexually explicit” to mean scenes that depict actual sexual activity taking place.[8]  Given that these scenes do just that, the Panel finds a breach of Clause 10(a) on that account.

In this case, HIFI broadcast a viewer advisory at the beginning of the film alerting viewers to the “nudity, violence and coarse language”.  As there were no commercial breaks, this one advisory was sufficient in terms of the frequency required by the code.  With respect to the information provided in the advisory, however, the CBSC has said that advisories must contain accurate and detailed information about the actual nature of the content.[9]  The Panel notes that HIFI’s advisory did not mention “sexual activity”, which was present in the film, as noted above.  A program can clearly contain nudity without sexual activity and vice versa, so the terms are not interchangeable for advisory purposes.  While the mention of “nudity” captured the one brief scene of the woman’s bare buttocks, it did not alert viewers to the sexual activity contained in that scene or the two others.  The Panel finds a breach of Clause 11 on that account.

With respect to classification, HIFI chose a PG rating for this broadcast.  Given the abundance and combination of coarse language, extreme violence and sexual activity in The Mechanic, the Panel considers that PG was too low a rating.  At the very least, a 14+ rating was required, though this film was arguably treading into 18+ territory.[10]  In addition, HIFI displayed the icon only at the beginning of the broadcast and not again at the top of the second hour as required by Article 4.0 of the CAB Violence Code.[11]  As with 10 000 BC, HIFI only displayed the classification icon for four seconds rather than the required 15 to 16 seconds as set out in Article 4.0 of the CAB Violence Code.  The Panel finds a breach of Article 4.0 on these accounts.

Trailer Park Boys

The series centres on themes of illicit drugs, severe alcoholism, gunplay and violence, and criminal activity, albeit in a humorous manner.

HIFI muted out the f-word in the November 10 and 14 episodes.  It did, however, leave in the words “pussy”, “shit”, “piss”, “Jesus Christ”, “rug munchers”, “hench-whores”, “bitch”, “son-of-a-whore”, “asshole”, “asses”, “ʼho’es” and “piece of shit”.

There are also sexual references, such as talk about “banging”, prison sex, getting “f**ked and sucked”, as well as the scene of Lucy and Ricky being interrupted during sexual activity.

Given the unedited language, mature themes, violence and sexual content, the Panel concludes that, even with the f-word muted, the episodes contained content intended exclusively for adults and therefore should only have been broadcast after 9:00 pm under Article 3.1.1 of the Violence Code and Clause 10(a) of the CAB Code of Ethics.[12]

The November 16 episode contained many uncensored instances of the f-word, some sexual innuendo, the fight between Candy & Randy and the usual themes of marijuana consumption and Lahey’s alcoholism.  This episode is clearly in breach of Clause 10(a) of the CAB Code of Ethics.

HIFI aired the same viewer advisory during all episodes, which alerted viewers to “nudity, violence and coarse language”.  There was no actual nudity; rather sexual references and the one scene of Lucy & Ricky in their bedroom.  The Panel concludes that the advisory should have referred to “sexual content” rather than “nudity”, since, as mentioned above, the two are not the same thing and a program can easily contain one without the other.  There is, therefore, a breach of Clause 11 of the CAB Code of Ethics.

HIFI rated the episodes G which indicates the program is “acceptable for all age groups” with no profanity or sexual content and only minimal violence.  Given the language, mature themes, sex and violence, the CBSC finds that G was clearly an incorrect rating.  Again, the program should have been rated at least 14+.  And, as with 10 000 BC and The Mechanic, HIFI only displayed the classification icon for four seconds rather than the required 15 to 16 seconds as set out in Article 4.0 of the CAB Violence Code.  The Panel finds a breach of Article 4.0 on these accounts.

Closed Captioning

The complainant also raised the issue of the coarse language appearing in the closed captioning.  Closed captioning is a service to hearing impaired viewers whereby the dialogue is displayed in subtitles.  It is expected that the captioning accurately reflects what is spoken by the characters.  In large part, the captioning on these HIFI broadcasts did so; that is to say, when the f-word was muted in the audio, it was represented by dashes in the captioning.  The Panel therefore has no special comment to make regarding the captioning, since the breaches it found regarding the broadcast of coarse language before 9:00 pm apply to both elements of the programming in these cases.

Broadcaster Responsiveness

In all CBSC decisions, the Panels assess the broadcaster’s response to the complainant.  The broadcaster need not agree with the complainant’s position, but it must respond in a courteous, thoughtful and thorough manner.  In this case, HIFI was mistaken in its contention that The Mechanic was an edited version; however, for 10 000 BC and Trailer Park Boys, it acknowledged its errors in broadcasting the f-word unedited before 9:00 pm and failing to provide viewer advisories in some instances.  It also indicated that it would improve its internal procedures for assuring that these problems would not recur.  The complainant remained concerned, however, that the station continued to broadcast coarse language at inappropriate hours, and there were other elements of the broadcasts that warranted CBSC review.  The broadcaster fulfilled its obligations of responsiveness and, subject to the announcement of this decision, nothing further is required in this regard in this instance.

Announcement of the Decision re 10 000 BC

HIFI is required to:  1) announce the decision, in the following terms, once during prime time within three days following the release of this decision, once within seven days following the release of this decision during a 2:00 pm broadcast, and once more within seven days following the release of this decision during a 7:00 pm broadcast, but not on the same day as the first mandated announcement; 2) within the fourteen days following the broadcasts of the announcements, to provide written confirmation of the airing of the statements to the complainant who filed the Ruling Request; and 3) at that time, to provide the CBSC with a copy of that written confirmation and with air-check copies of the broadcasts of the three announcements which must be made by HIFI.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has found that HIFI breached the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics and Violence Code in its broadcast of 10 000 BC on November 5 and 6, 2016.  HIFI broadcast coarse language during daytime hours and failed to provide viewer advisories.  HIFI rated the program incorrectly and failed to display the rating icon for 15 seconds.

Announcement of the Decision re The Mechanic

HIFI is required to:  1) announce the decision, in the following terms, once during prime time within three days following the release of this decision, and once more within seven days following the release of this decision during the time period in which The Mechanic was broadcast, but not on the same day as the first mandated announcement; 2) within the fourteen days following the broadcasts of the announcements, to provide written confirmation of the airing of the statements to the complainant who filed the Ruling Request; and 3) at that time, to provide the CBSC with a copy of that written confirmation and with air-check copies of the broadcasts of the two announcements which must be made by HIFI.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has found that HIFI breached the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics and Violence Code in its broadcast of The Mechanic on November 5, 2016.  HIFI broadcast adult coarse language, violence and sexual activity during daytime hours.  It failed to mention “sexual activity” in its viewer advisory.  HIFI rated the program incorrectly and failed to display the rating icon for 15 seconds at the beginning of the first and second hours.

Announcement of the Decision re Trailer Park Boys

HIFI is required to:  1) announce the decision, in the following terms, once during prime time within three days following the release of this decision, once within seven days following the release of this decision during an 8:00 pm broadcast, and once more within seven days following the release of this decision during a 2:00 pm broadcast, but not on the same day as the first mandated announcement; 2) within the fourteen days following the broadcasts of the announcements, to provide written confirmation of the airing of the statements to the complainant who filed the Ruling Request; and 3) at that time, to provide the CBSC with a copy of that written confirmation and with air-check copies of the broadcasts of the three announcements which must be made by HIFI.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has found that HIFI breached the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics and Violence Code in its broadcast of Trailer Park Boys on November 10, 14 and 16, 2016.  HIFI broadcast adult coarse language, violence, sexual content and mature themes during daytime hours.  It failed to mention “sexual content” in its viewer advisory.  HIFI rated the program incorrectly and failed to display the rating icon for 15 seconds.

This decision is a public document upon its release by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

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SRC re Bye Bye 2008 (CBSC Decision 08/09-0620+, March 17, 2009)

The Comedy Network re South Park (CBSC Decision 09/10-1432 & -1562, October 5, 2010)

Global re Family Guy (“Stewie B. Goode”) (CBSC Decision 10/11-2201, February 2, 2012)

MusiquePlus re CTRL (CBSC Decision 15/16-0367, October 19, 2016)

Appendix A

10 000 BC

10 000 BC is a British reality show in which 20 volunteers are sent to the Bulgarian wilderness to live for eight weeks like it is the Stone Age.

HIFI aired the episode covering Days 3 and 4 of the challenge on November 5 from 2:00 to 3:00 pm and again on November 6 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm.

There were no viewer advisories at the beginning of the broadcasts or coming out of commercial breaks.

A PG icon was displayed on both occasions for 4 seconds.

The episode contained numerous instances of the words “fuck” and “shit”.  Those words were written out in full in the closed captioning.  The following are the relevant instances.  The times indicated are those of the November 5 logger.

00:01:04  introduction:  quick clips of upcoming scenes

one man tells another “Fuck off!”


Steve: They have got kit all over the fuckin’ shop.  I’ve just been picking flints up.  Boots.  Flints, fuckin’ we don’t even know how to nap one of those things and people are slinging them around.  Somebody burnt the fucking mallet.  Half the mallet is burnt away.  It’s been put on the fire.  We’re getting to the point now where we’re almost going beyond the point of no return.  If we fuck around now for the next couple of days, we are fucked in a week’s time.

Paul B.:          Fuck it.

Steve: If we’re going to make it, we’re going to have to be harsh now.


Paul B., JP, Oliver & Jodie are looking at the ground for signs of animals

Oliver:            [points out hoof prints in ground] This is fucking perfect for us.


Oliver:            I’m not being funny, right.  I know we ain’t even set the trap yet, but we’re going to be fucking heroes.


female [talking about JP]:  I fully expect him to go quite soon.  He looks miserable.  If you don’t want to be here, just fucking go.


JP:        What is fucking funny about that?  [...] Fucking hell, I’m not a bullshitter.


Emily: I don’t even eat fruit, fucking hate it.


Kim:Oh shit, sorry.


girl [responding to news that someone defecated just outside their teepee]:    It’s obviously no one who slept in there last night ʼcause you don’t shit where you sleep.

Aamer:           Obviously they have no respect.  Because if they can poo right there, then what’s to say they’re not going to shit in your teepee next?


Steve & Mike discussing the problem of people defecating too close to camp.

Mike:  Exactly.  We should literally do like we would to a dog when it shits in your house.  You get in its face.

Steve: Go and sort it out, don’t say anymore about it.  Go and sort it out and use the fucking toilet or fuck off.


JP:        It was pitch black, yeah.  So I’m walkin’ and walkin’ and I don’t know where I am.  So I’ve gone to do a poop, but that shit there, there was, like, three massive bits, that definitely weren’t me.  But I did do a shit there.  But that three massive bits weren’t me.


Kim:    [crying in frustration about JP] It’s just doing my head in.  He has just done nothing.  He has got to take responsibility.  I am sick of watching him like a fucking child.

Paul B.:          The thing to do now is to give him tonight, at least.

Kim:    Yeah, but Steve needs to speak to him to get that fucking shit out of camp or someone needs to take the shit out.  You are not taking it out of camp.

Paul B.:          Why not?

Kim:    Because you didn’t shit.  Fucking hell.  I want that poo out of the fucking camp tonight.  Now.


At group meeting about camp hygiene.

Kim:    Like, if someone walks out with their boots into camp, and then we’re touching the food with our hands, ʼcause we’re not washing as often as we should, like, we’re eat-, then eating, like, human feces.  We are eating shit.  And that’s just for me, personally, like, I can’t have that.


JP:        She keeps mentioning the poo.  And it’s just, like, okay, it’s poo, yeah.  If it was at home and someone shat on your doorstep or shat in your flat or whatever, come on, I can understand that’s fucking a big deal.  But we’re out in the bloody woods.

The Mechanic

The Mechanic is a 2011 action movie about a professional hit man named Arthur Bishop.  “Mechanic” is a slang term for hit man.  Bishop takes on Steven as an apprentice, who is the young adult son of his boss and mentor.

HIFI broadcast the film on November 5 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm.  There were no commercial breaks during the broadcast, but the broadcast was preceded by the following viewer advisory in audio and video formats:

Viewer Discretion:  The following program deals with mature subject matter and contains scenes of nudity, violence and coarse language.  Viewer discretion is advised.

A PG icon aired for 4 seconds at the beginning.  It was not repeated at the top of the second hour.

Although a few instances of the word “fuck” were muted, the majority were not.  In the closed captioning, the word “fuck” was represented by dashes; the word “shit” was spelled out in full.  There were also many scenes of violence and three scenes of sexual activity.  The following are descriptions of those scenes.


A Colombian drug lord named Jorge Lara gets out of a private jet and into a car.  A convoy of cars stops in a poor neighbourhood and some of Lara’s men beat up a man beside his truck.  One smacks him in the face with a firearm, then pushes the man’s small truck away.  Lara watches the scene from inside his car.


Lara goes for a swim in the indoor pool of his mansion.  As he is swimming a lap, he spots a watch on the bottom of the pool.  He dives down to get it, but is grabbed by someone hiding underwater wearing all black and a mask, who the viewer later sees is protagonist Arthur Bishop.  Bishop strangles Lara to death underwater and then manages to make it look like Lara is still swimming so as not to attract suspicion from Lara’s bodyguards who watch over the pool holding semi-automatic weapons.  Bishop somehow sneaks out of the bottom of the pool, leaving Lara’s limp body floating in the water for his staff to discover.  A maid screams when she notices the body and all of the other staff and bodyguards come running to try in vain to revive Lara on the pool deck.


Bishop is meeting his mentor Harry McKenna at a restaurant.

McKenna:      Why the fuck do I let you drag me out to this shit-hole?


McKenna:      You’ve got a problem, Arthur.  You need companionship.

Bishop:          I have you, Harry.

McKenna:      Oh, then you’re in deeper shit than I thought.


Bishop has met up with a woman named Sarah at a club.  The scene cuts from the club to Bishop and Sarah in bed together.  They are naked and rolling around in bed together, but Sarah’s breasts are blurred.  She sits up and straddles him, rubbing his chest as she gyrates on top of him; the viewer’s vantage point is of her back and upper buttocks.  The scene then switches to Bishop and Sarah lying in bed beside each other, with the sheets covering them as they watch television.  Sarah asks Bishop if he’s hungry, to which he replies “Sure”.  Sarah gets out of bed and the viewer sees her naked behind.  She is then in the kitchen wearing only panties and a cardigan sweater hanging open.  When Bishop tells her he has to leave, she pulls the sweater closed around her.  Bishop leaves money on a table for her and she asks if he will ever tell her his name.


In a previous scene, McKenna’s boss, Dean Sanderson, asked Bishop to kill McKenna because McKenna had supposedly ratted out one of their hit jobs for money, resulting in the murders of a number of their agency’s assassins.  McKenna is in his office building.  Bishop telephones him to tell him that Sanderson is coming to get him.  McKenna takes his gun.  Bishop directs McKenna over the phone to short out the power on the office floor, get into the service elevator and then down a flight of stairs to a parking lot.  McKenna is in a wheelchair, so when he sees the stairs he says “Shit”.  Nevertheless, McKenna manages to back his wheelchair down the stairs.  McKenna sees his van, but the windows are broken and some of the electronics have been pulled out.  Bishop comes out from the corner and McKenna says “Oh, shit” when he realizes Bishop is there to kill him.

McKenna:      So what’s the story here?  Carjacking?  Police will find my van somewhere in some shithole section of the city stripped and up on blocks?

Bishop:          Something like that.

McKenna:      [pulls out his gun] Well, a slight editorial revision.  You don’t mind, do you?  [reads Latin inscription on one side of gun] Amat Victoria Curam.

McKenna turns the gun over to show the English translation inscribed on other side:  Victory Loves Preparation.  He then fires three shots into the side of his van.  He turns the gun around so that Bishop can take the handle.

McKenna:      Yeah, I get off a couple of shots.  There’s a struggle.  They get my gun.  C’est la vie.  At least I don’t go down looking like a pussy.  I’ve had that for 33 years.  Gift from Admiral Beasley.  Sixth fleet.  That’s the first time I ever fired it.  [McKenna & Bishop smile at each other]

Bishop:          Why didn’t you kill me?

McKenna:      Ah.  They’d just send somebody else.  I would rather it was you, Arthur.  You’ll have to live with it.

Bishop has a pained expression on his face, but then shoots McKenna in the chest.  McKenna’s wheelchair rolls back to bump a post, as McKenna dies and slumps forward in the chair.  Bishop lowers the gun and looks upset.


McKenna’s son Steven is looking at his family’s tombstone.  As he goes to leave, he notices Bishop watching him.  Steven approaches Bishop, and shakes his hand.

Steven:          Arthur [muted word: fuck]in’ Bishop.


Bishop & Steven are at McKenna’s house.  Steven is looking at his father’s navy memorabilia.

Steven:          It’s pretty impressive, huh?  Every one of ʼem served their country.  I guess I could still enlist.  You know, make him proud.  [looks at Bishop]  I’m fuckin’ with ya.


Steven:          He didn’t leave a will.  Accounts are empty.  Bank’s gonna take the house.  By the time the lawyers, city and state get through with the rest, not gonna be a [muted word:  fuckin’] thing left.


Bishop:          What about the guns?

Steven:          I was thinking about going out and killing myself a couple of carjackers tonight.

Bishop:          Just any old run-of-the-mill carjacker.

Steven:          Yeah, well, you never know.  I might get lucky, find the guys who killed my dad.

Bishop:          Gonna make you feel better?

Steven:          [laughs] [muted word:  Fuck] if I know.  But I’ll find out.


Steven is at his father’s house, smoking, drinking, listening to music and playing with his father’s guns.  He holds a pistol at his side, then holds it up and repeatedly fires it at a lamp, a wall and a mirror.  He smashes a small statue on the floor.


It is nighttime.  Steven is sitting in a car parked on a street.  He appears to be rolling a joint.  A man comes up to his window and makes small talk.  Then the man points a gun at Steven’s head and asks if he can have Steven’s car.

carjacker:      I’m relieving you of your automobile, motherfucker.  Outta the car!

Steven:          Seriously?

carjacker:      Seriously.

Steven:          [puts his hands up] Jesus fucking Chri-, okay, okay.  Okay.

Steven grabs the gun from the carjacker and pulls him toward the car so he bangs into it.

carjacker:      Mother [muted word: fucker]!

Steven then opens his door, which knocks the carjacker to the ground.  Steven gets out of the car and nudges the carjacker with his foot.  He points the gun at the carjacker.

Steven:          Carjacker.  Did you shoot him with this?

carjacker:      [mumbles] Fuck.

Steven:          Is this the gun you used?  No?

The carjacker looks up at Steven and tries to back away.  Steven punches him.  The carjacker coughs and Steven kicks him hard repeatedly.  Steven pushes the man onto his back and throws the gun away.  Steven winds up and kicks the man in the face.  The man rolls to face upward and the viewer sees the carjacker’s bloody face.  Steven takes out another gun and points it directly at the carjacker lying on the ground.  Bishop suddenly appears.

Bishop:          Hey, bad move!  You didn’t think this through, did you, Steven?

Bishop grabs the gun, pulls Steven’s arm behind his back and pushes Steven to the ground.  He pulls the carjacker up.  Bishop tells the carjacker to claim that he fell if anyone asks how he got injured and threatens to come after him if the carjacker does otherwise.  He tells the carjacker to “get outta here” and the carjacker stumbles away.

Bishop [to Steven]: Stupid to kill someone when you have a motive.  Might as well paint a bull’s eye on your back.

Steven:          I don’t give a shit.


Steven approaches Bishop coming out of a grocery store and tells him he wants to learn his trade.

Steven:          Bishop, don’t bullshit me.  I know about you.  And him.  He was your mentor.  He chose you over me.  You owe him.  And now that he’s gone, he’s left me with [muted word: fuck]in’ nothing.  You owe me now.


Bishop & Steven have met at an animal shelter to find a dog and discuss Steven’s desire to learn Bishop’s job.

Bishop:          I do assignments.  Designated targets.

Steven:          I could do that.  I’ve seen some shit.

Bishop:          No, you haven’t.

Steven:          You know shit about me, Bishop.


Bishop & Steven are doing target practice, wearing noise-cancelling headphones.  Steven picks up a semi-automatic firearm, loads it, and fires it at a tree.  Bishop is doing the same.


There is a slow-motion close-up of the head rests being shot off car seats that have been removed from a car and put near a tree as target practice.  There is also a close-up of the bullet casings falling out of the firearm.

Steven is firing a machine gun.  There are slow-motion close-ups of a cinder block and a tree stump being shot and a bullet casing falling out of the gun.


Steven:          Why don’t you just shoot ʼem and [muted word: fuck] all this?


Another scene of Bishop & Steven practising with semi-automatic weapons.


Bishop & Steven have gone to see an arms dealer at the man’s apartment.

arms dealer: I’m a little skittish right now.  Not sure if this is a good time for me to be doin’ anything.  There’s a lot of shit in the wind, you know?

Bishop gives the man a list and some money.  The arms dealer says he needs a day to fulfill Bishop’s request.  The man turns his back to Bishop to count the money on a table.  Bishop puts a strap around the man’s neck and then pushes him to the ground as the man struggles and claws at the strap trying to remove it.  Bishop retains his tight hold on the strap until the man dies and collapses to the floor.  Bishop drags the man’s body over to a door jamb and wraps a cord around the neck.  Bishop then gets a laptop computer, opens it in front of the man’s hanging body and plays a porn video of two women groping each other and kissing while they moan.  Their breasts are blurred.  Steven has watched Bishop perform his work.

Steven:          Auto-erotic asphyxiation?

Bishop:          Yep.

There is a close-up of the computer screen where one woman is sucking the other’s breast, though the breast is blurred.

Bishop:          Just thought you should see one up close.

Bishop takes his money back off the table and exits the apartment.  The moaning sounds from the porn video are loudly audible and the man’s lifeless body with eyes open is seen hanging from the door.


Bishop is explaining to Steve that their next hit job is a man, Burke, whom Steve has seen at the local coffee shop.  Bishop’s explanation is interspersed with scenes of what he is saying actually happening.

Bishop:          No way in without him seeing us coming.  Except he has two weaknesses.  Chihuahuas.  And boys.

Burke sees Steven sitting at the coffee shop and asks if he can sit down.  The scene cuts to photographs of adolescent boys taken from a distance.

Bishop:          No doubt he’s checked you out.  [...]  All he sees is a good-looking kid who’s kind of lost.

Burke & Steven are having coffee together.  As Bishop predicts, Burke asks Steve if he lives nearby and if he would like to go for drinks sometime.  Steve agrees and Burke looks pleased.

Bishop & Steve are at Bishop’s house.  Bishop has a vial & syringe which he is preparing.

Bishop:          Flunitrazepam.

Steven:          Roofie.  You want me to kill him, not rape him, right?

Bishop:          Two to three drops, he’s woozy.  Over six, his heart stops and he’s brain dead in under three minutes.  Do it in the bar.  Make it clean.

Bishop uses a small blow torch to heat the needle of the syringe.

The scene cuts to Steven & Burke at a bar.  When Burke gets up from their table to get more drinks, Steven pulls the syringe out of his pocket and fingers it briefly.  He flashes on his memory of seeing Bishop strangle the arms dealer.  He puts the syringe back in his pocket as Burke returns to the table.  Steven finishes his drink and then leaves.  Burke follows him onto the street and insists that Steven get into his car.  In voice-over narration, the viewer hears Bishop warn Steven never to get into Burke’s car.

Steven & Burke arrive at Burke’s home.  Burke goes to get Steven another drink.  Burke rubs Steven’s shoulders as he shows him around the house.  They are in the bedroom.

Burke:            You got good friends?  I mean, really good friends.

Burke turns Steven to face him.  They are standing at the foot of the bed.  Burke unbuttons Steven’s shirt.

Burke:            You’re shaking like a leaf.  Sit down.

Burke puts his hands on Steven’s shoulders, forcing him to sit on the edge of the bed.  Burke puts his hand on Steven’s chin and tilts his head to look up at him.  Burke removes Steven’s hat and touches his head.  Steven looks at the floor, but reaches up to touch Burke’s chest and unbutton his shirt.  Steven grabs Burke’s waist and undoes his belt.

Burke:            All right, all right.  Okay, let me do it.  Slow down, cowboy.

Burke gently pushes Steven aside and undoes his own pants, turning his back to Steven.  Burke sits down on the bed, still with his back to Steven.  Steven brings his face to Burke’s neck in a seductive gesture, but then grabs a belt and wraps it around Burke’s neck.  Burke is able to turn slightly and throw Steven off of him onto the floor.  The two struggle as Steven tries to put the belt around Burke’s neck again.  Steven smashes Burke over the head with a wooden object, but Burke is not fazed and takes a swing at Steven, but misses.  Steven kicks Burke in the crotch and punches him in the face.  Burke falls to the floor and starts to crawl away, but Steven goes after him.  Burke picks Steven up and throws him against a wall.  When Steven falls, Burke picks him up again and throws him across the dining room table.

Burke takes off his shirt, so he is wearing just an undershirt and boxer underwear.  He picks Steven up again and throws him against the refrigerator in the kitchen, and then into the kitchen cupboards.  There is blood dripping from Steven’s head.  Steven grabs something off the kitchen counter and strikes Burke in the face with it.  Burke’s face starts bleeding, but he is in a rage and smashes Steven’s head against the countertop.  Steven opens the refrigerator door and takes cover between it and the wall as Burke kicks and punches.  Burke reaches around the door to grab Steven and then throws Steven through a shelving unit that serves as a room divider.  The whole unit and its contents fall on top of Steven.

Steven crawls over to a low table and grabs a screwdriver off it.  There is blood dripping down Steven’s face and on Burke’s white shirt.  Steven stabs Burke with the screwdriver, but Burke pushes him away.  Steven comes at Burke again with the screwdriver, punching and stabbing him.  Burke pins Steven up against a wall and the viewer sees the screwdriver being pulled out of Burke’s bloody side.  Steven gets free of Burke, but Burke punches him.  Burke kicks Steven into a glass table.  Burke picks the bloody screwdriver off the floor as Steven crawls along the carpet.  Burke is covered in blood, but steps without flinching onto the broken glass from the table in his bare feet.  Steven crawls over to the fireplace where he grabs the fireplace shovel and hits Burke in the face with it.  Burke falls backwards onto the floor.  Steven strikes Burke repeatedly with the fireplace tool until Burke stops moving.  Both men are covered in blood.  Steven puts the vial of flunitrazepam in Burke’s mouth.  Steven is panting from exhaustion.


Back at Bishop’s house, Steven is sitting on the porch.  He is hanging his head and his face and head are covered in blood.  Bishop comes out and hands him a first aid kit.


Steven is at a bar, throwing back drinks one after another.  He has cuts and bruises on his head and face and is wearing sunglasses to hide his black eyes.  A young woman is sitting beside him.

woman:         Was it work or pleasure?  [Steven takes off his sunglasses]  I wish someone would hurt me like that.

The scene then cuts to Steven and the woman in a back alley.  The woman has her legs wrapped around his waist and he is thrusting her against the wall.  She is hanging onto the railing of the fire escape.  Her facial expression and moans indicate sexual pleasure.  They finish, Steven zips up the fly of his pants, kisses her on the mouth and walks away.


Bishop & Steven have received their next hit assignment:  an evangelical preacher named Andrew Vaughn.  They are planning the kill.

Steven:          Adrenaline shot to the heart.  Twelve CCs and he’s dead in under three minutes.

Bishop:          Adrenaline’s unreliable.  One in five survive cardiac arrest.

Steven:          But when the EMTs arrive, the first thing they do is jam you with a shot of epinephrine.

Bishop:          Which is toxic when combined with –

Steven:          Adrenaline.

Bishop:          So, on the off-chance our adrenaline shot doesn’t kill him ...

Steven:          The EMTs will.

Bishop & Steven are in Chicago to do the hit on Vaughn.  Steven describes the situation in voice-over narration as the viewer sees Vaughn arriving at his hotel.

Steven:          He left a bible study group with a young devotee one night.  They didn’t find her body until two weeks later.  The autopsy said she had an abortion and was telling her friends it was his.  Cost him 22 million dollars to hush it up.

Vaughn is signing autographs in his hotel room.  He flirts with an 18-year-old female admirer.


Bishop & Steven are hiding in the ductwork behind a mirror of Vaughn’s hotel room with surveillance equipment.  Vaughn has had his doctor hook him up to an IV with ketamine to get high.  Bishop tells Steven that their adrenaline plan will no longer work because ketamine counters adrenaline.  When Vaughn’s assistants leave the room, Bishop & Steven come out of their hiding place.  Vaughn is sitting in a chair hooked up to the IV, but is so drugged all he says is “hey”.  Bishop goes up to Vaughn and pinches his nose shut.  Bishop directs Steve to put their surveillance camera scope down Vaughn’s throat to choke him.  Steve does as he is told and Bishop holds Vaughn down as he struggles.  When Vaughn dies and stops moving, Steven pulls the scope out and he & Bishop sneak back into the ducts.

Vaughn’s doctor returns to the room and realizes Vaughn is dead.  He calls an assistant named Ralph into the room.

Ralph: Stupid motherfucker.  I knew this was going to happen.  Get all this shit rounded up and get it the fuck out of here as fast as you can.

As Vaughn’s assistants are trying to deal with the situation, Steven causes a bolt to come off and it makes a rattling noise as it rolls in the ducts.

Steven:          Fuck!

The bolt falls out of a vent into the room.  A male assistant walks up to the mirror to inspect it.  It is one-way glass so Bishop & Steven can see him.  Steven pulls out a pistol and points it at the man, but the man cannot see them.

Ralph tells the assistant to take the mirror off the wall.  As he is about to do so, Steven shoots him in the face through the mirror.  Ralph yells “They’re in the wall!” so all of Vaughn’s assistants/bodyguards pull out guns and start shooting along the wall.  Bishop & Steven crawl quickly along the ducts.  Ralph tells one other assistant to “follow them” and tells the others to “cover the exits and get me two guys on the roof, now!”

Vaughn’s assistant is walking slowly through the ductwork.  Bishop comes out at him and head butts him.  They struggle and fall through the wall into the hotel room.  A number of assistants come after Bishop, but he fights them all off and manages to grab a pistol off the floor.  He exchanges gunfire with Vaughn’s assistants and jumps through a window onto the roof.  Bishop continues to exchange gunfire with them as he runs across the roof.

Meanwhile, Steven is still inside the walls exchanging gunfire with another assistant.  He shoots the assistant repeatedly, who then dies.  The viewer catches a glimpse of blood spurting.

Another assistant is on the roof.  Bishop pops out from under an overhang, lying on his back and fires at the man.  Bishop shoots and the man falls back dead.

Steven hits another of Vaughn’s men in the face just as the man is opening a door to the roof.  Steven then shoots the man dead.

Bishop trips a man who then kicks him.  Bishop hangs over the edge of the roof for a second, then punches the man and throws him off the roof.  The man screams as he falls.  Throughout this entire action sequence, the dead bodies of Vaughn’s men are occasionally seen scattered on the roof.

Bishop & Steven meet up and attach ropes around their waists to some scaffolding.  They then jump off the roof and fall/rappel down the building.  Men are still shooting at them from above.  On a lower floor, they kick in some glass and climb into the room.  They are then seen blending into the crowd of hotel patrons who are evacuating.


Bishop is at an airport and sees one of the agency men who had supposedly been killed due to McKenna selling out the hit job.  Bishop follows the man onto an airport shuttle bus and confronts him.  The man reveals that Dean Sanderson paid him to fake his own death after killing the other agency assassins.  McKenna, therefore, had not been responsible, but Sanderson wanted McKenna dead because McKenna was getting suspicious about other dealings.  The man angers Bishop by saying that Bishop is not as upset about the fact that he killed McKenna as he is that Sanderson tricked him so easily.

The man pulls out the handle of his suitcase, which is in fact a disguised double blade and lunges it at Bishop.  Bishop ducks and then the two fight in the bus, punching, kicking, and hitting each other with objects from the bus, such as bags and metal bars.

The man, who is bleeding from the side of the head, manages to get Bishop up against one of the poles in the bus and wraps a white cloth around Bishop’s neck.  Bishop rips off the pin from a fire extinguisher and stabs it into the man’s face, allowing Bishop to get free of the man’s hold.  Bishop then smacks the man with a small door.

The man is angry and pulls the fire extinguisher piece out of his own face and blood drips down.  The two men continue to punch each other.  Bishop gets hold of the suitcase handle weapon and holds it in front of the man’s bleeding face.  Bishop throws the man out the bus window where a car stops just short of running him over.  Bishop quietly leaves the bus while people run to help the other man lying in front of the car.


Bishop is at the dock that he frequents.  His friend Henry is usually there sitting in a chair, but is not, nor is the boat that Bishop has been contemplating buying.  Bishop senses that something is amiss.  A black SUV pulls up and a group of three men get out carrying semi-automatic firearms.  They look for Bishop.  As one is standing on the dock, Bishop pops up from under water and stabs the man in the leg with a fishing harpoon-type object.  Blood spurts from the man’s leg and he falls onto the dock.  Bishop fires a pistol at another man, shooting him dead.  A third man fires back at Bishop, who returns more gun fire.  Bishop shoots him dead too.  Bishop then notices Henry’s body floating in the water.  There is a close-up of the face with its eyes open and the bullet wound bleeding from the head.  Bishop phones Sanderson to tell him he is coming for him.


Bishop is on his way home via boat.  Steven phones him from the house.  There are three men surrounding Steven.  Bishop tells him to sit on the couch.

Bishop:          I’m guessing you’re not alone.  There’s a gun down the left-side cushion.  It’s loaded and the safety’s off.

Steven:          But I’m not a lefty.

Bishop:          Then you’re going to die.

Steven:          All right.  I’ll see you when you get here.

Steven reaches between the couch cushions and hands the cell phone back to one of the men.  Steven points the gun behind his back and shoots the man standing behind him, then the man standing to the right of the couch.  One of the men shoots Steven back, but Steven manages to shoot all three of them dead.  When one of the men gives a cough while lying on the floor, Steven puts an extra bullet in him.


Bishop & Steven are in the house of a man named John Finch.  They are sitting quietly in the kitchen when Finch comes in.  Steven immediately shoots Finch in the leg and blood spurts out.  Finch yells in pain.  Bishop pushes Finch to sit down in a chair and Steven pushes two women into the room at gunpoint, presumably the man’s wife and adolescent daughter.  They are crying and scared and cower on the kitchen floor while Steven points a gun at them.

Bishop:          I want you to listen to me closely.  I don’t care who I hurt or who I kill.  Understand?  [Bishop pulls the daughter off the floor and holds her menacingly while he talks to Finch]  You’re going to tell me exactly what I came here to find out.  Where’s Dean?

Finch does not answer.  Steven is pointing a gun at the head of the wife, who is still sitting on the floor.  Bishop pulls the daughter towards the sink, turns on the garbage compactor and holds the daughter’s hand over it.  The daughter is crying and struggling.

Bishop:          It’s up to you how far I go.  Fingers.  Wrist.  Elbow.

Wife:   Please, John, tell him what he wants to know.

Bishop pushes the daughter’s hand farther into the garbage compactor and blood sprays out.  The daughter & wife scream.

Finch: Okay!  Okay!  300 Colby Plaza!  300 Colby Plaza!  [The daughter continues to scream]  That’s where he is, I swear!

Bishop turns off the garbage compactor.  The viewer sees that the daughter’s hand is unharmed.  Bishop pulls some raw meat out of the compactor and throws it back into a meat tray lying on the counter.


Bishop phones Sanderson at his office.  Sanderson offers to pay Bishop to leave him alone, but Bishop refuses.

Sanderson:   ʼCause now I’m gonna put a price on your head that’s so big, when you look in the mirror, your reflection’s going to want to shoot you in the face.  [...] [to his assistants] He’s in the building!  Get me the fuck out of here!


Steven approaches a city bus and pulls a man off who is just getting on.

Steven:          Get off the fucking bus!

Steven gets onto the bus pointing a firearm at the other passengers.

Steven:          Move!  Get off the fucking bus!

The driver and passengers scream and exit through the back door.  Steven gets into the driver’s seat and starts driving it.

Bishop is sitting in a car in a parking garage.  He has surveillance equipment set up so he can see when Sanderson’s car will be passing just outside.  When he sees Sanderson’s car coming, he speeds out of the parking garage and purposely hits one of the vehicles that was traveling in Sanderson’s escape convoy.  Sanderson shouts “Go!” and a group of men with automatic firearms jumps out of a vehicle and starts exchanging gunfire with Bishop.  Glass explodes from car windows, men yell and fall down, there is machine gun fire.

Bishop jumps into the driver’s seat of a nearby garbage truck and smashes the truck into some cars.

Steven is driving the city bus down a side road.  Another of the cars from Sanderson’s convoy is driving towards him.  Steven jumps aside as the car smashes through the bus.  Steven rolls out a window just at the whole thing explodes in a fire ball.  Steven then begins shooting his machine gun at Sanderson’s car.  Sanderson is sitting in the back seat and tells his driver to back up.  The car backs up, but then Sanderson sees the garbage truck driven by Bishop barrelling down on them.  The arm of the garbage truck smashes through the car and Bishop pulls the lever to hoist the car up.  Bishop has the truck carry the car a ways and then tips it upside down onto the street.  Bishop and Steven approach the car with their weapons drawn.  They are surrounded by fire and debris from the other crashes.  Sanderson manages to stick his bloody face out from the wreckage.  He is still visibly breathing, so both Bishop & Steven fire rounds at him at close range from their machine guns.  Both guns spray fire and the empty bullet casings form a pile on the street.


Bishop is driving in his truck with Steven in the passenger seat.  They stop to get gas.  Steven gets out to pump the gas.

Bishop:          Steven.  I’m sorry for everything that happened.

Steven:          Well, you know me, man.  I don’t give a shit.

Steven has pumped some gas into the tank, but then he takes the gas nozzle out of the tank and purposely places it in a spot just beside the tank hole, so that gas spills under the truck.  Steven walks to the side of the gas station where Bishop presumably cannot see him and takes out his father’s engraved pistol which he had found among Bishop’s things in an earlier scene.  He fires the gun at the gas spilling out under the truck causing it to catch fire.  There is a large fiery explosion and the truck is shown burning up.


Steven has returned to Bishop’s house.  He puts on a record player that Bishop had told him never to touch and goes for a drive in Bishop’s vintage car that Bishop had also told him never to touch.  Something on the record player causes a wire to become dislodged and a fire to start.  At the same moment, the car stops and Steven notices a note sitting on the passenger seat of the car.  The note reads “Steven, If you’re reading this, then you’re dead!  Bishop”.  Steven laughs, but then the car explodes in a large fireball.  The fire from the record player spreads through the house causing it to explode in a fiery mess.


Police investigators are watching the security camera footage at the gas station to determine the cause of the blaze.  They see a figure roll away from the truck just before it bursts into flame.

Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary comedy.  The program is fictional and mostly scripted, but the characters occasionally address the camera as if they are filming a documentary.  The series centres on best friends Ricky, Julian and Bubbles who live in Sunnyvale trailer park and make their living selling drugs and committing petty crimes.  The comedy results from their plans going awry and their unique personalities.

Julian is the ring-leader and always has a glass of rum & Coke in his hand, no matter what they are doing.  Ricky is prone to misundertandings and malapropisms.  Bubbles wears glasses that magnify his eyes to an extreme degree; his hobbies are repairing shopping carts and looking after stray cats.  There are also a number of other trailer park residents who get involved in the Boys’ lives.  Lucy is Ricky’s on-again-off-again girlfriend and the mother of his now-young-adult daughter Trinity.  Sarah is Lucy’s best friend.  Jim Lahey is the on-again-off-again trailer park supervisor.  Randy is his assistant and lover.  Barb is Lahey’s ex-wife.  Cory and Jacob are friends who want to be involved in the Boys’ schemes, but usually get used as scapegoats.  J-Roc is a white aspiring rapper.  Tyrone “T” is J-Roc’s best friend.

HIFI broadcast episodes of the program on November 10 and 14, 2016 from 8:00 to 8:30 pm.  The f-word was muted out, but other swear words were not.  The word “fuck” appears as dashes in the closed captioning.  There were also scenes involving violence and sexual references.

HIFI broadcast a G icon at the beginning of each episode for 4 seconds.  It also broadcast the following viewer advisory in audio and video formats at the beginning and coming out of every commercial break:

Viewer Discretion:  The following program deals with mature subject matter and contains scenes of nudity, violence and coarse language.  Viewer discretion is advised.

The following are descriptions and transcriptions of the relevant scenes:

November 10, “If You Don’t Believe It, It’s Not Real”


Ricky:  I guess I’m in what they call the dog house, which makes no [muted word:  fucking] sense.


Ricky:  [almost drops tray of food] Whoa, that was [muted word:  fucking] close.


Ricky:  Actually, you [muted word:  fucking] peelers hang back here.  I don’t want you to wake Lucy up, all right?  [trips & drops tray]  [muted word:  Fuck!]


Ricky:  [to Lucy] And I wanted to come here to say how [muted word:  fucking] sorry I am for [muted word:  fucking] things up so bad.  Okay?  [...] The [muted word:  fucking] camera guys knocked it over.  [...]  Are you still mad?

Lucy:   Still mad?  Are you [muted word:  fucking] kidding me?  Of course I’m mad.  I’m spending all of this energy thinking that we’re going to have a baby together and you’re spending all your energy thinking you’re going to break the law with your best [muted word:  fucking] friend.  Like, yeah, I’m mad.  [...] I don’t [muted word:  fucking] care.


Ricky:  You know what?  This honesty stuff’s really [muted word:  fucking] cool!

Lucy:   Yeah, just get the [muted word:  fuck] out.

Ricky:  [to camera crew]  What the [muted word:  fuck] boys?!  You can’t be filming Lucy when she’s in [muted word:  fucking] bed and stuff!  Get the [muted word:  fuck] away from me! [...]


Ricky:  [to Cory & Jacob] Okay, boys, brand new formula [puts drug paraphenalia down in front of them on picnic table where they’re sitting].  You’re going to [muted word:  fucking] love it!

Ricky tells Cory & Jacob to try the drugs and make notes about it.  Julian tells everyone to come along for the truck heist they have planned.  Bubbles seems reluctant to join them, but does so anyway.  Julian tells Ricky that Cory & Jacob are coming with them to help.

Ricky:  I know, but they might be [muted word:  fucked].

Julian: They’re always [muted word:  fucked].

Cory complains that he & Jacob cannot help with the truck heist because they are feeling the effects of the drugs already.

Ricky:  Well, you’re going to have to [muted word:  fucking] ride it out!  Don’t be a pussy.  [the words “fucking” & “pussy” are represented by dashes, but “pussy” is spoken aloud]  And don’t tell Julian.  [to Bubbles]  You cool, Bubbs?

Bubbles:        I’m [muted word:  fucking] cool as can be.

Ricky:  Got your gun?

Bubbles:        Gun, I don’t need a [muted word:  fucking] gun, do I?

Julian: Here’s all the [muted word:  fucking] masks and shit, boys.


Lahey is talking to Barb and her two friends.

Candy:           Bye-bye, [muted word:  fuck]-face.


Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, Cory & Jacob are waiting by the side of the road to commit a truck heist.  Bubbles has a scarf covering the lower half of his face.  Julian is wearing his around his neck while they wait.

Bubbles:How much longer, Julian?  I can’t sit here watching them [muted word:  fuck] around pinching each other’s wieners [points at Cory & Jacob who are being silly because they are high on the drugs Ricky gave them right before they left]  [...] Who’s going to drive the [muted word:  fucking] truck now?  They’re not, obviously.

Julian: It’s not my fault they’re all [muted word:  fucked] up.  It’s Ricky’s fault.

Ricky:  I [muted word:  fucking] told you and you wouldn’t listen to me, would you?!  [to Cory & Jacob]  Hey, tickle twins, get the [muted word:  fuck] over here and smoke this.  You need to come down!  You’re driving me nuts!

Bubbles:        So you’re going to make them smoke weed to bring them down from all the liquid they ingested?  [Ricky hands Cory a joint]  That’s [muted word:  fucking] brilliant, Ricky.

Ricky:  It’s not weed, it’s hash.  If you knew more about smoking weed and hash you’d know more about what the [muted word:  fuck] I’m talking about.  [to Jacob who has a flower in his hair]  Get that shit out of your hair!  You look [muted word:  fucked]!

Julian: Here comes the truck, boys!  See, I told you, man.

A large transport truck comes into view.

Ricky:  I guess I should take our guns out, eh?  Make it look realer.  [Ricky holds gun]

Bubbles:        Ricky!

Ricky points the gun straight up in the air.

Julian: Would you put the [muted word:  fucking] gun away, man?!

Bubbles:        What are you doing?  Why would you pull a gun out if it’s a fake robbery?

Julian starts to walk towards the truck and gives the driver a thumbs-up sign.

Ricky:  He’s got a [muted word:  fucking] gun!  Christ!

A gun is pointed out the truck window and fires.  There are sounds of a commotion as the camera films only the ground as if the crew is running away.  There are more gunshot sounds and then a view of Ricky pointing his gun as the truck comes to a stop closer to them.

Ricky:  You’ve got to be [muted word:  fucking] kidding me!  Stop the [muted word:  fucking] truck, you [muted word:  fucker]  Hands up!  Open the [muted word:  fucking] door!

The truck has stopped and Ricky & Julian are pointing their guns at the driver.

Julian: Get out of the [muted word:  fucking] truck!

Ricky:  Get out of the truck!

The driver puts his hands up and looks scared.  He gets out of the truck.

Julian: Get out of the [muted word:  fucking] truck.  What are you doing, Danny?  We’re Steinberg’s guys!

driver:            I’m not Danny.  I’m [??].  Danny got busted for drinking and driving this morning.

Julian: For [muted word:  fuck’s] sake!

Bubbles:        Julian, Jacob’s shot!

Ricky:  Oh my [muted word:  fuck]!

Jacob is leaning against the hood of the car with a bloody bullet wound in his side as Bubbles & Cory tend to him.

Ricky:  [sees that one of the car doors is off] Look at this shit!  Look at this [muted word:  fucking] door!  What!  [muted word:  Fucking] Jesus!  Julian, you’d better get this.  Lucy’s gonna [muted word:  fucking] kill me over this shit!

Julian: And this is my fault?

Ricky:  Who’s [muted word:  fucking] fault is it?!

Julian: Would you ... Just let me think!

Ricky:  Well, you better [muted word:  fucking] think quick because –

Julian: Relax!  Chill the [muted word:  fuck] out!

Bubbles:        Julian, he’s [muted word:  fucking] shot!

Julian: Just give me a second to think, Bubbs.

Bubbles:        [throws his arms up in frustration]  Oh yeah!  [muted word:  Fucking] nothing!

Julian: [to truck driver] Put your [muted word:  fucking] hands down.  All right, there’s been a bit of a [muted word:  fuck]-up here, okay.

Ricky:  A bit of a [muted word:  fuck]-up?!  Look at this [muted word:  fucking] shit!

Julian: Would you let me talk to this [muted word:  fucking] man for a second!

Bubbles:        You said you had it all figured out!

Julian: Just!  Just shut the [muted word:  fuck] up and let me think!  [to driver]  All right.  All right.  Your boss set this whole thing up, okay?  It’s an insurance scam.  This is what I’m going to do for you.  Hold this [hands driver his drink].  You’re going to call the cops in two hours.  You’re going to tell them you pulled over to take a piss.  Someone hopped in your truck, stole the [muted word:  fucking] thing.  Are we cool?  [shows the driver money in his hand which is also holding a gun]

driver:            I’m not getting involved in this shit.

Ricky:  Oh, you’re not getting involved in this shit, are you, man?!  Maybe I should call the cops and tell them you shot my [muted word:  fucking] son-of-law!  [muted word:  Fucking] idiot!

Ricky fires his gun into the air in frustration.  The driver covers his head as if to protect himself.

Julian: Attempted murder or take the money.  What’s it going to be?  [driver grabs the bills from Julian’s hand]  Get the [muted word:  fuck] out of here!  Run!  Move!

Ricky:  Go!  [fires his gun into the air again & driver runs away]  How’s he doing, Bubbs?

Bubbles:        [tending to Jacob’s gunshot wound in his side] He’s got a [muted word:  fuckin’] hole blasted right through his muffin top!  [close-up of bloody wound]  How do you think he’s doing?!  Are you in pain, Jacob?

Jacob: Not really.

Ricky:  It’s a [muted word:  fucking] buckshot, man.  Haven’t saw a buckshot since high school.

Julian: Are you okay to drive the truck by yourself, Cory?

Cory:  Dudes, we should go fishin’.

Julian: [frustrated because he realizes Cory is too high to focus] Jesus Christ.

Bubbles:        He can’t drive anything!

Julian: Okay, I’m going to drive the truck back to the park.  You guys get him stitched up, meet me back there.  Okay?  No [muted word:  fucking] hospital, though!

Bubbles:        Well, where the [muted word:  fuck] do we take him then?!

The scene cuts to Ricky’s car as it screeches to a halt in front of a mini-mall store with a sign that reads “Denture King”.  Jacob is sprawled out in pain in the passenger seat.

Bubbles:        I can’t believe we’re at the [muted word:  fucking] Denture King!  [bangs on store window]  Sam!  Sam!  Where the [muted word:  fuck]?  There he is.

Ricky:  Hang on, Jacob.

Bubbles:        Open up.  We got an emergency.

Sam:   Sorry, guys.  I’m shut down for renos.

Ricky:  [points his gun at Sam] My son-of-law’s bleeding out.  You gotta fix him!  Jacob, get yourself in here!  [Cory helps Jacob out of the car]  Get the [muted word:  fuck] in here.

Bubbles:        Come on, Cory, get him.


Jim Lahey is in the parking lot of a convenience store where he is carrying bags.  He is slurring his speech because he is drunk.  He gets onto a bicycle and he blows into a small device which tests his alcohol level.  When it beeps, he claims it has given him a false high reading.  He takes a small bottle out of his shirt pocket.

Lahey:            I am involved with a trio [he chugs from the bottle] of sexu-, hmm, sexually deranged maniacal rug-munchers.  [holds up the bottle to the camera]  This’ll help to lessen my adrenaline flow.  [drinks from it again]  Oh, liqueur.   Smooth.  Tastes fantastic.  And it has way less alcohol content, which enables me to fine-tune my liquor levels.

He blows into his device again and still gets a high reading.

Lahey:            What the [muted word:  fuck] do these numbers mean anyway?


Inside the Denture King, Sam has stitched up Jacob’s wound and tells him he can leave.

Ricky:  [still holding his gun at his side] Thanks, Sam.

Sam:   Ricky, buddy, come on, put the gun away.  Can’t you see everything’s all good now?

Bubbles:        Sam, no offence, but you used to be a real arsehole.  How come you’re being so friendly?

Sam:   Well, Bubbles, my mother, god rest her sexy soul [points at photo of his mother hanging on the wall] she told me on her [muted word:  fucking] deathbed “Sam, don’t be such a [muted words:  fucking ass]hole!”  So I started being nice to everybody.  And you know what?  Everybody’s nice to me.  I got money in the bank.  I’m getting [muted word:  fucked] and sucked [he moves his hips in a “humping” motion].  Life is a [muted word:  fucking] dream, boys!

Ricky:  [looks at photo of Sam’s mother]  Your mom was pretty hot.

Sam:   Yeah!

Bubbles:        Very motivational speech too, Sam.

Cory:  [sitting at desk]  Hey, dude, your office is [muted word:  fucked].


Sam:   Some young kids came in and stole my [muted word:  fucking] safe.  If it wasn’t for what was in that safe, I wouldn’t give a [muted word:  fuck].  Seriously.

Bubbles:        [whispers to Ricky] Teeth.


Sam:   How did you know there were teeth in my [muted word:  fucking] safe?!  [...]  Those were my mother’s [muted word:  fucking] teeth!

Bubbles:        Just calm down.

Sam:   [grabs a gun from his desk drawer]  Which one of you mother[muted word:  fuckers]?

Sam & Ricky start waving their guns around.

Ricky:  [pointing his gun at Sam] Put the [muted word:  fucking] gun down!

Sam starts firing, but Ricky pushes Sam’s arm up so the gun fires into the ceiling.  Bubbles knocks Sam down from behind with a giant toothbrush statue.  Jacob & Cory start laughing.

Cory:  Dude, you totally killed Sam with a toothbrush, dude.

Bubbles:        I didn’t kill him, Cory.  I just conked him like they do in the movies.  I had to.

Ricky wraps his hands around Sam’s neck.

Ricky:  [muted word:  Fuck], Bubbs.  I don’t feel one of those [muted word:  fucking] pulse-y things, man.  You might’ve killed him.

Bubbles:        What are you talking about?  I just conked him with the toothbrush!  [feels for a pulse on Sam’s neck]  Sam!  Sam!  [checks for a pulse on Sam’s wrist]  Shouldn’t it be pulsin’ or somethin’?  Jesus, he’s all sweaty too.

Ricky:  Try kicking him.  [kicks Sam]

Bubbles:        Ricky!  Cory, give him mouth-to-mouth or something.

Cory:  I ain’t kissing Sam, dude.  That’s [muted word:  fucked].

They decide to roll Sam’s body up in something and take him with them in the car.


Julian: It’s [muted word:  fucking] daytime!  [muted word:  Fuck], get the documents to the gate, okay?  [...] Holy [muted word:  fuck].


Bubbles & Cory are dragging Sam’s body wrapped in a rug up stairs.

Bubbles:        Haul the sweaty cave bitch up the ... Come on, haul him, Cory!  [...] Oh my [muted word:  fuck]!  Just wait.  Jesus!

Bubbles & Cory have Sam’s wrapped body outside where Ricky is waiting with the car.  Bubbles tells Ricky to back up the car, but Ricky accidentally backs it up too far so that the body is right under the car, just shy of the tires.

Ricky:  For [muted word:  fuck’s] sake.

Ricky tries to move the car forward again, but the tires spin.  After repeated attempts, Ricky rolls the car off the body.  Ricky gets out of the car to look at the wrapped body.

Ricky:  [muted word:  Fucking] thing’s touchy, man.  I couldn’t see because of the [muted word:  fucking] trunk.  Who gives a [muted word:  fuck]?  He’s dead.  He probably didn’t feel a thing.

Bubbles:        It’s just disrespectful, Ricky.  Let’s just ... let’s get him on the [muted word:  fucking] roof.  He’s heavy as [muted word:  fuck] too.

Ricky & Cory lift the rug-wrapped body onto the roof.

Ricky:  [muted word:  Fuck]!  What the [muted word:  fuck]!  You gotta put him this way, for [muted word:  fuck’s] sake!

Cory:  This [muted word:  asshole’s] heavy.  [word “asshole’s” appears spelled in full in the closed captioning]

Ricky is driving the car with Bubbles in the passenger seat and Cory & Jacob in the back.  Sam’s rug-wrapped body is on the roof of the car.  His hair is visible and blowing in the wind.  Bubbles & Ricky are discussing what they should do with the body.

Ricky:  Julian said no hospitals.  We can’t go to the cops.  They’re too [muted word:  fucking] stupid.  They’ll never believe you, man.  They’re too dumb.

Bubbles:        I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation.  It’s like we’re in a [muted word:  fucking] murder mystery.

The rug-wrapped body starts sliding around on the roof because it was not secured well.

Ricky:  It’s not much of a mystery, you killed him with a giant [muted word:  fucking] toothbrush.

Bubbles:        [...] We don’t even know if he was dead until you did a [muted word:  fucking] brake-burn on his head!  You [muted word:  fucking] killed him!

The body falls off the roof with a thud.

Bubbles:        Jesus Murphy!  [Jacob & Cory laugh]  We lost him!  Ricky, stop!  We lost him!

They stop the car and the four of them get out to look for the body.

Bubbles:        This doesn’t make any [muted word:  fucking] sense.  He’s gotta be here somewhere.

Ricky:  Who gives a [muted word:  fuck]?

Bubbles:        Ricky, I do.  We’re not leaving a [muted word:  fucking] dead body out here with our prints all over it!

Ricky:  Well, if we can’t find him, nobody else is going to [muted word:  fucking] find him!

Cory comes over with a toupée in his hands.

Bubbles:        That’s Sam’s hair, Cory!  For [muted word:  fuck’s] sakes!

Jacob: [holds up dentures]  These must be his teeth then.


Bubbles:        Holy [muted word:  fuck].  Cory, here.  Look.

Bubbles runs into the ditch by the side of the road where he sees the rug.  Cory follows him and they pick up the rug to find the body is no longer inside it.

Ricky:  What the [muted word:  fuck] are you talking about?  He’s gotta be in there.

Bubbles:        He’s not, Ricky.  Oh my god, you know what?  This is a compressed cylinder.  If that hit the road at the right angle at that speed, he could’ve shot out like a [muted word:  fucking] cannon.  He could be a hundred yards into the woods.

Ricky:  Perfect.  Let’s get the [muted word:  fuck] outta here then.  The bears’ll probably get him and eat all the evidence.  [muted word:  Fuck] it.

Bubbles:        [sighs] My [muted word:  fuck].  Ricky.

Ricky:  Look.  I’m [muted word:  fucking] leaving.


Bubbles:        Oh my god.  I can’t believe we’re leaving a dead body here.

Ricky:  Then don’t believe it.  And if you don’t believe it, it’s not real.  That’s what I do.  It’s [muted word:  fucking] easy.

Bubbles:        That doesn’t make any [muted word:  fucking] sense, Ricky.


Ricky, Bubbles, Cory & Jacob arrive back at the trailer park where Julian is waiting for them.  Julian asks them how they made out.

Cory:  [laughing] Sam’s body flew off the car!

Jacob: It was actually super cool.

Julian: What the [muted word:  fuck] are they talking about?

Bubbles:        [whispering] We killed Sam Losco.

Julian: What?!

Bubbles:        I conked him with a [muted word:  fucking] toothbrush and then he [points at Ricky] ran him over with the car.

Julian: So Sam’s dead?

Ricky:  Really [muted word:  fucking] dead.

Julian: [muted word:  Fuck], boys.

Lucy, Sarah and Trinity come out of their trailer.  Jacob shows Trinity his bandages.  Lucy sees her car with the door missing.

Lucy:   What in the [muted word:  fuck] happened to my car?

Ricky:  [...] Julian [muted word:  fucked] up, the wrong truck driver was there and I got into a bit of a gunfight.  Jacob was so [muted word:  fucking] high he didn’t take cover and got shot.  We took him to Sam’s to get fixed up.  Bubbles killed Sam with a [muted word:  fucking] toothbrush.


Sarah: You guys [muted word:  fucking] killed somebody!?

Lucy:   You know what?  I’m [muted word:  fucking] done.  I’m done.  [...] Just because you told me the truth doesn’t mean you can do whatever the [muted word:  fuck] you want.  Like, you’re officially out of this family.  It’s [muted word:  fucking] over.

Ricky:  [...] Thanks a lot, guys.  Ruin my [muted word:  fucking] family!

Randy comes running over to them telling them Sam is at the gate.

Randy:           Sam Losco, he’s all [muted word:  fucked] up!  Come on!

Julian: What the [muted word:  fuck] is going on here?

Bubbles:        I don’t know.  Grab his mother’s shitty old teeth!  [runs to the gate with Randy]  Oh my god!  Sam, you’re alive!  Thank [muted word:  fuck]!

Randy;           Stop right there, Sam!  I told you to stay the frig out!

Bubbles:        Randy, shut the [muted word:  fuck] up!  Help the man up.  Oh my god, Sam.  Thank [muted word:  fuck] you’re alive.

Randy & Bubbles help Sam off the ground.

Sam:   Where’s my mother’s [muted word:  fucking] teeth?

Julian hands Sam his late mother’s dentures.

Sam:   What the [muted word:  fuck] happened?

Bubbles:        Things just got out of hand, Sam.  I’m sorry.  Look, you’d better [muted word:  fucking] clobber me.  I deserve it.  Give me your best shot.

Sam:   There’s nothing I’d like better than to kill all you [muted word:  fuckers].  But I promised my momma I wouldn’t be an [muted word:  asshole] anymore.  [word “asshole” is spelled out in full in closed captioning]


Bubbles:        Randy, you heard the man.  Call him a [muted word:  fucking] cab.  [Randy leads Sam away]  Holy [muted word:  fuck].  He’s like the [muted word:  fucking] Terminator.

Julian: A [muted word:  fucking] greasy one.

Bubbles:        Thank [muted word:  fuck].

Julian: Let’s go.

Bubbles:        I’m not a murderer.  Not a murderer!


Lahey is sitting by a makeshift campsite drinking when Barb comes up to him.

Lahey:            Where are your, uh, shitty little friends, Barb?

Barb asks Lahey for help with a court case.

Lahey:            Look who’s being all prim and proper now that her hench-whores aren’t here backing her up!  Not on your [muted word:  fucking] life, Barb!  I’m going to fight you to the bitter end, you heartless bitch!

Barb threatens to tell one of Lahey’s secrets.  He asks her if she really would.

Barb:  Oh, this heartless bitch would!

Lahey asks her what she wants him to do so she does not tell.

Barb:  How about whatever the [muted word:  fuck] I tell you?  [she pushes him down into his lawn chair]

Lahey:            Holy [muted word:  fuck]!


Julian: You guys aren’t going to believe what’s in this [muted word:  fucking] truck!

Ricky:  Unless Trinity’s wedding money is in there, I don’t really give a [muted word:  fuck].

Julian: Well, I’m about to change your [muted word:  fucking] mind, Ricky.

Julian opens the back of the transport truck to reveal its contents:  boxes marked “Liquor” and slot machines.

Bubbles:        What is all this shit?

Julian: It’s an entire [muted word:  fucking] casino in here, Bubbs.  [...][muted word:  Fuck]ing right, there’s tons of liquor in there.


Bubbles:        That’s actually not too [muted word:  fucking] bad.

Julian: [muted word:  Fuck]ing right, man.

Bubbles:        A [muted word:  fucking] resort!


Julian: We’ll [muted word:  fucking] see, all right, boys!

November 14, “The Liquor Snurf”


Jacob & Cory are in a bedroom talking about Jacob proposing to Trinity.

Jacob: [muted word:  Fuck] I’m so nervous, dude.

There is a high-speed car chase going on.  Bubbles, Ricky & Julian are in bear mascot costumes driving a car with a police car in pursuit.

Ricky:  I’ve got a plan.  We’re not [muted word:  fucking] going to jail.  [...] I cannot [muted word:  fucking] believe I’m caught up in this shit!  I’m trying not to break the law and now I’m in a [muted word:  fucking] high speed chase.

Ricky rams the car into a bench and garbage can outside his trailer and they hop out of the car.

Bubbles:        I’m going to [muted word:  fucking] die!


Ricky:  Get in the [muted word:  fucking] trailer, Bubbs!


Bubbles:        We got into a [muted word:  fucking] horror show at the motel!  Cops followed us here!  Heli-[muted word:  fucker] in the sky!  We’re in big shit here!

Ricky, Bubbles & Julian are taking off their mascot suits and Julian tells Cory & Jacob to put them on.

Julian: ʼCause things got [muted word:  fucked] up and you guys gotta go to jail for me for a bit.


Lucy:   Okay, back up.  You spent months trying to get us to come and live here with you as a family.  Now we’re here.  You and I haven’t even banged yet and you want to go back to jail.  You are [muted word:  fucked].

Jacob: Look, I’ll go to jail.  You guys can bang.


Police officers are outside with their guns pointed at the trailer.

Officer:          Are you [muted word:  fucking] kidding me?  Get the [muted word:  fuck] out here!

Cory:  [...] You know what?!  I got hostages and shit!  And we ain’t even movin’ ʼtil you get us our [muted word:  fucking] pizza!

Bubbles:        Cory, shut the [muted word:  fuck] up!  Saying we got hostages and stuff!


Julian: Then put the [muted word:  fucking] bear costume on!

There is a commotion about who is going to put on the bear costumes to take the blame from the police.  Ricky does not want Jacob to do it.

Ricky:  Jacob, give me the fucking ... [this instance did not get muted, but does still appear as dashes in the closed captioning].  [muted word:  Fuck] off!

Bubbles:        Jacob, just give him the suit, you son-of-a-whore!  Oh my [muted word:  fuck]!  I’m going to crank you!

Police officer:           I repeat!  Come out right now or we’ll break the [muted word:  fucking] door down.


Ricky:  Put the [muted word:  fucking] bear costume on!

Bubbles:        Jacob, I’m going to [muted word:  fucking] wallop you!

Four police officers storm the trailer door with their pistols drawn as the guys in bear costumes come out.

Officer:          Get your [muted word:  fucking] hands up!

The bears remove their heads to reveal that it is Randy, Jacob & Cory who have taken the fall for the others.  The police officers lead the three men to their police cars.  Ricky comes from around the other side of the trailer pretending he knows nothing about what is going on.

Lucy:   [to Ricky] We gotta go bang right now.

Ricky:  God, yeah.

Lucy:   Right now.

Ricky:  Yeah, let’s go.

Ricky takes Lucy’s hand and leads her into the trailer.  A few seconds later, as Bubbles & Trinity are left standing outside the trailer, there are sounds of thumping and Lucy moaning in sexual pleasure.


Julian goes to Jim Lahey’s trailer.  Lahey is inside the trailer, in a small pool filled with blue liquid.  There is a male inflatable doll sitting in the pool.  Julian pulls Lahey out from the bottom of the pool.  Lahey is holding a gun and is very drunk, so that his speech is unintelligible.

Julian: Jesus Christ, what the hell are you doing?  You’re trying to drink yourself to death in a goddamn liquor bath.

After Julian gets Lahey to sign the document to sell the trailer park, Julian hands Lahey his brief underwear and leaves.  Lahey tries to get out of the pool, but falls back in and then puts his underwear on while still sitting in the pool.


The viewer sees a close-up of Lucy’s foot beside a mattress wearing a pink high-heeled shoe.

Ricky:  [muted word:  Fuck] I missed this thing.

The viewer then sees Lucy lying down on a mattress.  She is still wearing her silver shirt, but has a pink blanket over her lower half.  She is directing Ricky on how to perform cunnilingus on her.

Lucy:   ʼKay, but, circle, double u.

There is a knock at the door.  Ricky pulls his head up from under the blanket at Lucy’s crotch.

Lucy:   Jeez, Trin’s here.

Lucy rolls onto her side, but makes sure the blanket remains over her lower half.  Trinity asks Ricky to tell her what Jacob said to him as he was leaving with the police.  Ricky moves over to a chair, while doing up the fly of his pants.

Ricky:  [about Jacob]  He draws like an asshole.

Ricky proposes marriage to Trinity on behalf of Jacob.  When Trinity says yes, Ricky congratulates her and tries to hug her, but cannot stand up completely straight because he still has an erection.

Ricky:  Sorry, I just got this thing from your mom.

Trinity leaves.

Ricky:  Just ... can you close the door and not come in for about five minutes?

Ricky goes back to Lucy lying on the bed.  Lucy adjusts her legs open and Ricky climbs on top of her.

Lucy:   So sweet.  And so [muted word:  fucking] hot.

Ricky:  Can I put this in you?  [points at his crotch]

Lucy lies back and puts one leg in the air.


A group of trailer park residents has gathered around Lahey’s trailer as Julian stands on the porch to make an announcement.  Lucy & Ricky, holding hands, join the crowd.

Ricky:  That was awesome.

Lahey comes out of the door wearing only his brief underwear and another pair on his head.  His skin is still blue from his liquor bath.

Ricky:  Jesus Christ, you look like a [muted word:  fucking] snurf.

Bubbles:        A liquor snurf.  [sings Smurfs theme song] La la la, [muted word:  fuck] yourself.

Julian announces that they just sold the trailer park.

Male voice from off-screen:         Jesus Christ!  Who the [muted word:  fuck] did you sell it to?!

Julian says they sold it to an investment company of which he is the president.  He tells the crowd that it is no longer a dry park, they can drink alcohol whenever and wherever they want.

Ricky:  What about hash and weed?

Julian: Sure, man.  Anything.  And number two.  Jim?

Lahey:            Yeah?

Julian: I want you to get the [muted word:  fuck] out of my park.

Ricky gives the middle finger to Lahey, but it is blurred.

Julian: Unfortunately the motel burned down this morning.  Thank [muted word:  fuck] I had fire insurance.  [...] Now get the [muted word:  fuck] out of here.

Ricky:  You heard him, Lahey.  Get the [muted word:  fuck] out of here!  Get the [muted word:  fuck] out!  [still waving his middle finger]

Crowd starts chanting “Get the [muted word:  fuck] out!” as Lahey stumbles away.

J-Roc:  Bitch!

Bubbles:        That’s the last time you [muted word:  fuck] with us.


Julian: Let’s get [muted word:  fucking] drunk!

Everyone heads into Lahey’s trailer to celebrate.

Ricky:  Right on, Julian.  I’ll have to take a rain check.  I’m going to bang Lucy again.

Julian: Right on, buddy.

Ricky leads Lucy away by the hand.

Lahey is away from the group, still extremely inebriated.  He addresses the camera.  He is angry and tears the underwear from his head.

Lahey:            I don’t [muted word:  fucking] care about this piece of shit park!  Just [muted word:  fuck] off.  Get the [muted word:  fuck] off.  My [muted word:  fucking] park now!  You guys never allowed in my [muted word:  fucking] park again!  Ever!  Take your [muted word:  fucking] cameras!  Shove them up your [muted word:  fucking] archetypical asses!


At an outdoor party for Ricky’s infant grandson.

Ricky:  Why the [muted word:  fuck] is that fair?  [...]  It’s about [muted word:  fucking] time.


Lucy:   [addressing camera]  Things are going so well with Ricky and I.  It took us a while to start banging again, but now that we are, he is, uh, he’s giving a hundred and fifty percent for sure.  Uh, it’s dirty.

Ricky:  [trying to work a BBQ]  What the [muted word:  fuck] is wrong with this thing, Bubbs?


Ricky is holding a hotdog.

Lucy:   Nice looking wiener there, Rick.

He holds it at his crotch.

Ricky:  Thanks, Luce.


J-Roc:  Hey man!  Got a surprise for you, candy.  Some shit you didn’t see coming.  [...] I got ʼho’es to row, you know what I’m sayin’?


Tyrone:          You know what I know?  I’m down with old ʼho’es.  [...] A ma’[muted word:  fucker] feels safe.  Know what I mean?

older woman:          [snuggles up to Tyrone] Plus, I’ve been around.  I know just how to snack it up, flip it and rub it down.  Sayin’?

Tyrone:          Now ain’t that some shit.

young boy with J-Roc:        First I was like “Who’s the Kelsey-Grammer-lookin’ bitch?”  But turns out he’s a’right.


Julian: [addressing the camera] I mean, I’m the owner of Sunnyvale Trailer Park for [muted word:  fuck]’s sakes.  How does that sound?  I mean, things were going a little [muted word:  fucked] there for a little while and I was going to throw in the towel.  [...] [a woman joins him at the picnic table where he’s sitting & he turns to address her]  Hey, babe.  I was thinking, I’m getting a little tired.  Thinking about maybe we shouldn’t get some greasy shit going later on tonight.  [addresses the camera]  See, that’s reverse psychology.  [to woman]  Want a drink?  [hands her his glass]  Yeah, get that in ya.


Cyrus [in a prison cell]:      I’m in for arson.  Burning down the [muted word:  fucking] motel.  Jail [muted word:  fucking] sucks.  But, on the plus side, I’ve got lots of time to figure out how in the [muted word:  fuck] I’m going to [muted word:  fucking fuck] Julian back over.  ʼCause the fuzz says they got me on videotape.  But there’s only one ape coulda done that.  [muted word:  Fucking] jerkmeat Julian better watch the [muted word:  fuck] out.

Tommy [in neighbouring cell]:    Cyrus, you piece of shit!  I know you set me up!  You [muted word:  fucking] rat!

Cyrus: Every time you open your mouth, Tommy, my [muted word:  cock] gets homesick.

Tommy:         Oh, I got four words for you, mother[muted word:  fucker]!  Slingshot to the face!

Cyrus: [muted word:  Fuck] you.

Tommy:         No, [muted word:  fuck] you!


Barb, Sarah & Donna are in a jail cell, addressing the camera.  They say they left Sunnyvale Trailer Park for a while to open up a “mystic fingers” spa.

Barb:  [...] All the drama.  All the [muted word:  assholes].


Donna:          [...] ʼTil one of the seniors turned out to be a police officer.  Cops don’t like it when you cop a feel.  So we got arrested.

The scene cuts to a man who says his name is “Colonel Dancer”.  He is talking at a group therapy session at a mental institution.

Colonel:         [...] Make Patton look like a [muted word:  fuck].

The scene cuts back to the women in the jail cell.  Sarah is addressing the camera.  Donna is massaging Barb’s back on the bed in the background.

Sarah: Business in jail is banging.  Like, literally banging.  ʼCause there’s tons of bored chicks here that want to pass the time with the mystic fingers, right?  We are making money hand over fist.


Ricky dips his grandson’s pacifier into his drink and gives it to the baby.

Ricky:  You want another drink?  There you go.  Mm, delicious, isn’t it?

Bubbles starts playing guitar and singing his “Liquors & Whores” song while the others continue to mingle at the party.

Bubbles:        Liquor and whores.  Liquor and whores.  Cigarettes and dope.  And mustard and baloney.  Liquor and whores.  Drinking at the Legion.  She was nice.  She was pretty and pleasing.  Liquor and whores.  Liquor and whores.  Cigarettes and dope.  And mustard and baloney.  Liquor and whores.


Lahey & Randy are camped out just outside the fence of the trailer park.  Julian brings Lahey some cake from the party.  Lahey & Randy get annoyed at Julian for what he did.

Randy:           Bastard!


Sam Losco is living in a cave looking very scruffy.  He is asleep.  Two forest rangers wake him up by dangling something in front of him.  Then they shoot him with a tranquilizer gun, wrap him in a net and put him in the back of a pick-up truck.  They comment how they have “tagged and bagged him” and then drive off.


Back at the party, Bubbles is still singing “Liquor & Whores” and the others have joined in to sing along.

November 16, “Up in Smoke We Go”

HIFI aired another episode of the show on November 16 from 2:00 to 2:30 pm.  This episode was completely uncensored, including in the closed captioning.  The G icon appeared for 4 seconds at the beginning and the same advisory as above was aired just preceding the episode and coming out of every commercial break.


The viewer sees the outside of Ricky & Lucy’s trailer and hears them inside.  There is a hand-made sign outside that reads “Drugs Store”.

Lucy:   [screaming]  Look at this!  We’ve been going through inventory like crazy and we haven’t been paid a fucking cent yet and you still don’t have the wedding money!  What the fuck, Ricky?!  If you can’t get the money back from Julian, I’ll get it myself and you’ll fucking regret it!

Ricky:  I’ll get it, Lucy.  I said I’d fucking get it and I’ll fucking get it!  Jesus Christ!  Julian, get the fuck up right now.  Get out here, man!

Ricky exits his trailer and throws an object at Julian’s, which is directly across from his.  Julian’s trailer now has a sign that reads “Casino” out front.  Ricky also throws a toaster at Bubbles’s shed, which is between the two trailers.

Ricky:  You too, Bubbles.  Wake the fuck up!

Bubbles:        [from inside his shed] Jesus!  [comes out of his shed]  Ricky, what in the name of the Easter bunny’s fluffy white cock are you doing firing toasters at me?

Julian: Boys?

Ricky:  This resort cannot have dope be all-inclusively.  This fucking bullshits me and my family.  [...]  This is fucking ridiculous.  [...]  You two, you’re going to have to get me the money back the old-fashioned way.  We’re doing a fucking job.  [...] You fucking owe me this!  [...]  Nice, real fucking nice.  Oh well, I’ll do it by myself.  Nice fucking friend you are!


Julian: Whatever the fuck you want to do.

Ricky:  Robberies, guns, doesn’t matter?

Bubbles:        Just hang on, now.  [sighs] For fuck’s sakes.

Ricky:  All right.  But you two are on fucking slim ice.

Three cars come along, blaring hip-hop music.

Ricky:  What the fuck is that?

The cars stop at Julian’s trailer.  One of the convertibles is driven by actor/comedian Tom Arnold with actor/comedian Doug Benson in the passenger seat.  One of the other car doors opens in a puff of smoke and rapper Snoop Dogg gets out.  Other men and women get out of the other cars and stand around.

Bubbles:        Oh my fuck!

Ricky:  No fucking way!

Bubbles:        Holy fuck, boys, it’s Snoop Dogg!  Snoop Dogg’s here.  Holy fuck, I’m freaking out!

Snoop Dogg: Bubbles, what it do, baby?

Bubbles:        What are you doing here?

Snoop:           Man, shit, I seen you on Jimmy Kimmel last week and I heard about that all-smoke casino.  Shit, I had to get here right away.

Ricky:  No fucking way!  Unfortunately the casino’s closed today.  We got a bunch of shit to do.

Snoop:           What?!

Julian: No, the casino’s open.  [quietly to Ricky] What the fuck is wrong with you?  It’s Snoop Dogg.

Snoop:           [hands Bubbles a joint] Bubbles, hit this shit.  All the way from California, baby.

Bubbles:        My god, one of Snoop Dogg’s real joints.  [laughs nervously, then takes a drag]

Snoop:           Take your time.  Yes, sir.

Bubbles hands the joint to Ricky.

Ricky:  I’ll hit that shit.  [takes a drag]

Snoop:           There you go, Slick Rick.

Bubbles:        I can’t believe it.

Ricky:  Getting high as fuck with Snoopy Doggy Dogg Dogg.


Snoop:           Hey Bubbles, I want you to check out my lady friends.  Look at ʼem.  Come on in here, girls.

Four women in tight-fitting clothing walk past Bubbles and up the steps to Julian’s trailer-casino.

Snoop:           [admiring one of the women] Look at the shit on that critter.

Bubbles:        Oh my god.

Snoop:           Yeah, all you, baby.  Let’s go get it.

Tom Arnold & Doug Benson get out of their car.

Tom Arnold: I can’t believe it.

Bubbles:        [whispering] Fuck, Snoop Dogg’s here.

Tom:   We’re in Sunnyvale fucking trailer park!  I’ve seen every episode of your show.  It’s even shittier in real life.  I love it!

Ricky:  No fucking way!  Doug fucking Benson, man!  What are you doing here?  [...] That’s some fucking set of lungs on you.

Doug: Thanks.  Where’s the weed at?


Ricky:  [looks at Tom Arnold who is dressed similarly to himself] Fucking cool clothes, man.


Ricky, Doug & Tom are walking up the steps to Julian’s trailer-casino.  Ricky hands Benson a joint.

Ricky:  That’ll get you started.

Doug: Oh, thank you, sir.

Tom:   Oh my god, Doug.  We are in the presence of greatness.  This is literally the dumbest man on television in the mesh.  The saying is “in the flesh” but he always fucks everything up and he’d say “in the mesh” or “in the fresh” or something even stupider.

Doug: Yeah, yeah, I get it.

Ricky:  Have you ever heard the expression “fuck off”?  How do you think I’d say that, dickhead?  Let me give you a little hint.  Something like this.  F-O-Kee say O-F.  Fuck off.  [Ricky puts his two middle fingers right up near Tom’s face]

Tom:   [laughs & clasps his hand together in glee]  Oh my god!  This is amazing.

Snoop is on the porch smoking a joint.

Bubbles:        Hey, Snoop.  That joint, is that just weed in that ʼcause my legs are like jell-o.  How do you function with this stuff?

J-Roc arrives and asks Snoop if he is here to sign him to a record contract.

J-Roc:  Tell me you’re here to sign a mafk.  (“Mafk” is J-Roc’s abbreviation of “motherfucker”)

Snoop:           Yeah, just what I need on my label, a bitch that look like John Denver.

J-Roc:  Okay, you clownin’, huh?  ʼCause what else would you be doin’ up in this mafker right her’ if it wasn’t for me?  Know what I’m sayin’?  Straight up, legend to legend, Dogg.

Snoop:           Hey man, who the fuck is this liquid paper-coloured motherfucker?


Tom Arnold notices Ricky’s car sitting by the trailer.

Tom:   Oh my god!  It’s the fucking shitmobile!  Oh my god, the shittiest piece of automobile on the fucking planet!


Ricky:  You better fuck yourself.  [...] I don’t give a fuck.  [...]  Hey, Bubbs!  Take fucking noodle-nut Jim here for a ride in the shitmobile?  Make sure he doesn’t fucktify the car up.


Snoop:           Oh man, I got to get to the Drugs Store, you know what I’m sayin’?

J-Roc:  I do, Dogg.  Probably more than any ma’fucker up in here right now, know what I mean?  Want me to roll wichyou right quick?

Ricky:  J-Roc, chill.  I’ll take you over, Snoop.  Fucking Lucy would love to meet you.


Snoop:           [to J-Roc]  You know what?  Imma holler at you when I want to come by and watch Family Feud or a motherfuckin’ episode of M-A-S-H.


Randy:           No can do, Mr. Lahey.  I’m staying out of this shit.

Lahey:            [...] Barb’s got me by the short and curlies.  She’s holding a secret over me and she’s going to expose it unless I play balls with her and help her with the Julian shit.  [...] It happened a long time ago, Randy.  It’s going to fucking ruin a lot of people’s lives in this town!  I’m begging you, bud!

Randy:           You’re wasted, aren’t you, Mr. Lahey?


Lahey:            Look, I swear I’m not fucking wasted!  [looks at his pocket breathalyzer device]  Piece of shit!


Tom Arnold & Bubbles are in Ricky’s car because Tom has asked to go for a ride in it.  Bubbles invites Tom to come see his show at the Legion.

Tom:   I’m fucking with you!  Of course we’ll be there.  I’ll talk to Snoop.  I’ll talk to Doug.


Bubbles:        Oh, decent!  Decent!  My bird’s doing that.  [sticks one finger straight up; “bird” is Bubbles’s slang for penis]


Ricky is bringing Snoop to his trailer where he has a counter to sell weed.

Ricky:  Man, Lucy’s going to be so exicted to meet you.  She’s wanted to bang you since “Ginger Juice” came out.


Lucy:   [whispering from a room off-screen] You’re going to wake up the baby.  If you don’t have any money, fuck off.

Ricky:  Lucy, I’ll fuck off in a minute.  Look, there’s someone here I want you to meet.  You make me look like a dick.  Get out here.

Lucy:   You are a dick, Rick.


Ricky:  I don’t know where the fuck you keep everything these days.  You never let me in here.

Lucy:   [comes out from the other room] Jesus!  Fucking ... [she notices Snoop Dogg and screams in excitement]

Sarah: [from the other room] Lucy, what the fuck?  [comes into the room, notices Snoop and starts screaming too]

Ricky:  Oh fuck.  Will you two please calm the fuck down?  You just woke Mo up.


Lucy:   [whispers in excitement to Sarah] Fucking ...

Snoop asks for a little bit of all the different kinds of weed Ricky & Lucy are selling.

Ricky:  Okay, I mean, as awesome as that sounds, that much can’t be all-inclusively all included.  That’s fucking crazy.

Snoop:           Look, man, that’s why the fuck I came, right?

Ricky:  Oh my fuck.

Snoop:           No, I’m just fucking with you.  Put it on my tab. [...]  Don’t you worry about a motherfuckin’ thing.

Ricky:  Fuck, we’ll give you whatever you want.


Lucy holds a bong seductively.

Lucy:   So, Snoop, do you like, do you like this?  Do you want this?

Snoop:           I like the, yeah, I really want, yes.

Lucy:   Do you want me to give that to you?

Snoop:           Yes.  I like the way you hold that.


Lahey goes to Colonel Leslie Dancer’s store and asks him for help.  Colonel mentions that he was a nurse in the military and has overcome his own problems with alcohol.  Colonel ushers Lahey out of the store because Lahey is drunk and encourages Lahey to go home and get sober.

Lahey:            Suit yourself, nurse.  Nurse Batshit.  [shouting] Nursey, Nursey Batshit!


Bubbles has taken Tom Arnold to meet Randy.  Tom is very excited to meet him and wants to take a photo with Randy.  Randy is not happy about the intrusion.

Randy:           Just because you’re on the Price is Right doesn’t mean you can be a dick!

Tom:   Right.  Well, I am Drew fucking Carey after all.


Randy:           Get the frig out of here, Bubbles.  This is bullshit.  Frig off!


Doug is wandering around the trailer-casino asking for something to eat.  Snoop hands him some cannabis gummies.

Doug: Ohh, these gummies should tide me over ... until I can get a steak or some shit.


Snoop:           Uh, I think Imma spin a few blunts and roll my dice with some of them bitches over there.

J-Roc brings his son, Flurry, over to meet Snoop.

J-Roc:  Go ahead, boy, spit some shit for that man.

Flurry:            No, Dad.

J-Roc:  Come on, mafk.  Don’t be a mafk.

Flurry: [whispers] Bitch.

Snoop:           What you got there, li’l man?

Flurry: Charlotte’s Web.  I got a book report due tomorrow.

Snoop:           Wilbur and shit.  That pig was dope.


Ricky is outside his trailer, mixing substances at a table.

Ricky:  Finding the right amount of sativa and indica and vitamins and liquor ... I mean, it hasn’t been easy, but I got a feeling this is going to be the fucking one.  It’s looking pretty fucking tasty.

Trinity & Jacob come outside.  They are complaining that Ricky has not got their wedding money back.

Ricky:  Hang your fucking horses, Jacob.


Ricky:  [pushes everything off table] Fucking ...


Bubbles & Tom Arnold are fishing shopping carts out of a lake.

Bubbles:        Fuck.  Here, let me get that cocksucker.  Drag that whore in.  [...]  That’s a fucking, that’s a twenty-one hundred series.  [...] Still got the fucking flapper on it.  That’s 23 bucks.

Tom:   Twenty-three bucks!  Oh shit!

Bubbles:        I thought today was going to be a shit-show, you know, when Tom said he wanted to go hauling carts.  I thought, oh yeah, I’ll be fucking babysitting him.  You  know, fancy guy from Hollywood.  Then it starts raining horse cocks.  [...] Next thing you know, he throws out the claw and he gets a fucking twenty-one hundred series.  Perfect condition.  He’s a fucking natural.

Tom:   This is a perfect day!  Look at the weather.  It’s perfectly shitty!


Bubbles:        You’re all cranked up on somethin’, are you?

Tom:   Let’s go buy some cocks of pepperoni!

Bubbles & Tom take the cart back to the trailers.

Tom:   Do you need help unloading it?

Bubbles:        Oh no.  I can deal with that dirty bitch.


Ricky:  Julian, get the fuck over here!  You too, Bubbles.  I’m serious, you fucking dicks!  Get the fuck over here now!

Bubbles:        What’s going on, Ricky?  Are you okay?

Ricky:  No, I’m not fucking okay!  [...]  My daughter’s in there really upset over this fucking wedding money bullshit and I don’t blame her.  Lucy’s losing her fucking mind.  Says if I don’t have a thousand dollars cash, can’t get back in the fucking trailer.  So you’d better find it right the fuck now!

Julian: Rick.

Ricky:  Don’t fucking “Ricky” me!  You guys promised!  Even you, Bubbles.  And you fucked me!

Julian: [...] You’re going to get your fucking money tonight, man.  I promise you.

Bubbles:        See, Ricky.

Ricky:  All right.  I’m fucking trusting you guys.

Bubbles:        Julian.

Julian: You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

A blue Iroc car pulls up.

Ricky:  Good luck dealing with this shit, Julian.

Barb and the two other women get out of the car.

Julian: What the fuck do you want?


Julian: [to Randy]  Randy, what the fuck?

Randy:           I told them they weren’t allowed in the park, Julian, but this bitch almost ran me over.  [...] I’m sick of getting pushed around by you three bitches!

Candy:           [gets up in Randy’s face] Okay, Randy.  Whatcha gonna do about?  You want a fucking piece of this?

Randy takes off his pants and holds his fists up ready to fight.  Snoop comes over.

Barb:  Fight, Candy!

Randy:           You want some of this?!  Do you want some?

Snoop:           This place is a motherfuckin’ trip.  Hey, y’all, we takin’ bets.


A television news crew van pulls up.

reporter Steve Rogers:      Holy shit, the fucking rumours are true.

Rogers starts filming.  Julian comes over.

Julian: Put the camera down.  Steve, what the fuck?  This is private property.

Tom Arnold runs over to Rogers.

Tom:   Oh my god!  It’s that Channel 10 news dick!  You’re the one who gave everybody crabs!

Rogers tries to interview Snoop while the fight between Randy and Candy is in progress.

Julian: Put the fucking camera down.  Get the fuck off my property!  Get the fuck off my property.

Rogers:          Our viewers, they’d fucking lose their minds.  Just a short interview.

Snoop:           I love giving interviews to small guys like yourself.  Y’all actually give a fuck.  Let’s go.  Let’s get it.

Rogers does an interview with Snoop.

Snoop:           Say, man, this is one of the best places in the motherfucking world, man.  Disneyland ain’t got shit on this place here, man.  Personally, if I could move here and buy this place ... shit!  I would.

Lucy comes running over to Julian with Ricky following behind her.  Ricky puts his hand on her shoulder.

Lucy:   [to Ricky] Get fucking off me!  [to Julian] Julian, where the fuck is the wedding money, huh?!  [...] Oh yeah!  You think that just because you’ve been running here for so long, you think you can just walk over fucking me.  No!


Ricky:  [to Julian] Well, it’s your fuck-up!  Not my problem, is it?!


Julian: You’re going to have the fucking money tonight, I said!


Snoop:           Hey Julian, I thought you said this place was gated and shit.


Lucy:   Must be fucking proud of yourself, huh?  You fucking home-wrecker!  What the fuck was I thinking?!  Fuck all of you!

Ricky:  Okay, enough, Lucy!  I’m fucking sorry!  I trusted Julian and Bubbles and realize that was a big fucking mistake.  They fucked me like a pack of dogs trying to fuck a horse!  You know what?  Fuck it.  I’ll go rob a place right now and make this right.  By myself, right, dicks?

Julian: Ricky, man, come on.

Ricky:  No, Julian.  Fuck off!  What kind of a friend borrows his best friend’s daughter’s wedding money and doesn’t fucking pay it back!?

Lucy:   Piece of fucking shit friends!  You know what?  You hang out with these guys so you are a fucking piece of shit.

Ricky:  She can’t even buy a fucking wedding dress, man.  You know what?  We’re done.  Fuck yourself.  You too, Bubbs.  I don’t need this fucking bullshit.


Ricky:  Yeah.  They fucked our friendship forever over fucking money.


Tom:   It only costs a thousand dollars for a fucking wedding in this town?  Are you shitting me?

Tom gives them money.  Ricky hugs him.

Ricky:  You are a good fucking guy.  [to Julian & Bubbles]  Not like you two dicks!

Lucy hugs Tom too and he pats her bum.  Candy & Randy continue to fight.  She has him in a chokehold.

Candy:           Randy, you fucking bitch.

Snoop:           Finish this motherfucker.  [...]  Kick his ass!  [...]  Yeah, choke his ass out.  This motherfucker’s over, man.  [...] My girl Candy beat your ass.

The fight ends.

Julian: All right.  Steve, Barb, get the fuck out of my trailer park!  Roc-Pile, escort these motherfuckers outta here.

They are all standing around in a group.  Randy is still wearing only white underwear.

Tom:   Oh shit, Randy, you got a woody?  Hey Randy, you’re going to need a lot more wood than that for a woman of that size!  I speak from experience.

There is a close-up of Randy’s crotch.  He then storms away.

Tom:   What are we going to do now, Snoop?

Snoop:           Let’s go get drunk! [everyone cheers]


Lahey is even drunker and has returned to the Colonel’s store.  Lahey tells Colonel to start drinking again.  When Colonel refuses, Lahey pulls a gun and holds a bottle in front of Colonel’s face.

Lahey:            You fucking well are.

Colonel drinks from the bottle as Lahey holds the gun close to it.


Snoop & Julian are sitting inside the casino-trailer.

Snoop:           Man, what’s up with Randy walkin’ around this motherfucker half-naked with his shirt off?

Julian: [...] It’s just his stomach and shit, man.  Every time he puts his shirt on, he breaks out in this crazy fucking red rash, man.

Julian & Snoop discuss the possibility of Snoop buying the trailer park.

Julian: All right.  I’ll talk to my fucking lawyer, man.  Right fucking on!

Snoop hands Julian a joint.

Snoop:           Let’s celebrate.  Here’s one for you.  And one for me.

Snoop lights both joints.

Julian: It’s fucking awesome.

Appendix B

The Complaint

The CBSC received the following complaint via its webform on November 6, 2016:

Television or Radio Station:         HIFI

Program Name:                  War and 10 000 BC

Date of Program:                2016/11/05 and 2016/11/06

Time of Program:               2:45-5:00 p.m. EDT for 11/05 and 7:00-8:00 p.m. EST for 11/06

Specific Concern:                I think the broadcaster breached Clause 10 and 11.


Sometimes the F-word was censored, other times it was not (example around 3:24, 3:59, 4:15 p.m.), although the closed captioning had hyphens replacing the word.

10 000 BC:

No viewer advisory.  Contained coarse language, including the F-word at 7:01, 7:02, 7:11, 7:27, 7:44, 7:52-7:54 p.m.  It also may have contained other advisable content like the meat scene around 7:17 and 7:41 p.m, and maybe, I am not sure, nudity at 7:24 p.m.

Also in a recent Trailer Park Boys broadcast, around the time the characters steal the safe/vault, the F-word was removed from the audio but spelled out in the closed captioning.  Don't have a specific time and date for that.

The complainant wrote back on November 20 with additional information about the portion of his complaint dealing with Trailer Park Boys:

I now have specific times for Trailer Park Boys.  Mostly about poorly censored F-word.

They are:

November 10 at 8:00-8:30 p.m. (specific example at 8:08 p.m.)

November 14 at 8:00-8:30 p.m. (specific example at 8:12 p.m.)

November 17 at 2:00-2:30 p.m. (seems to be uncensored)

Can this be added to the complaint?

The CBSC agreed to add these broadcasts to his complaint file against HIFI.  On December 27, the complainant wrote back with some clarifying information:

I think I mistakenly wrote War as the name for one of the programs because that [is] what I saw on the cable box’s program guide.  I think the name of the program actually is The Mechanic.

Broadcaster Response

HIFI responded to the complainant on January 19, 2017:

Thank you [for] reaching out to us about your concerns regarding the content of HIFI’s programming.  We appreciate you taking the time to bring these matters to our attention and apologize if the content of our schedule has upset you in any way.  We would also like to apologize for the delayed response, it has taken some time for us to investigate these matters and respond to you accordingly.

We have reviewed HIFI’s logger tapes, which show us the official broadcast feed for the channel, during the following dates and times for the series and documentaries you have flagged with the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (CBSC):

Regarding your feedback that War was airing uncensored content with the “F-word”, I can confirm that we do not air this particular program anywhere in HIFI’s schedule.  After reviewing the logger tapes, during the time and date you flagged, I can confirm that HIFI was airing The Mechanic, a 2011 film starring Jason Statham and Donald Sutherland, which follows an elite hitman as he teaches his trade to an apprentice who has a connection to one of his previous victims.  This was a censored version of the film, which also included Viewer Discretion advisories and graphical ratings.

I can confirm that 10 000 BC did unintentionally air an uncensored version of this documentary on HIFI during the date and time you have reported, and that there was no Viewer Discretion advisory included.  I wish to reassure you that this was flagged to our scheduling department as soon as we received this feedback in November and we have updated our broadcast of this content to reflect a censored version of the film moving forward.

That said, please let me take opportunity to apologize for this error and thank you for bringing this forward so we could rectify the matter.

With regards to Trailer Park Boys episodes airing on the channel on November 10 and 14, I can confirm that use of the “F-word” was censored in both the content and the closed captioning.  Both of these airings contained advisories with the following warning:

The following program deals with mature subject matter and contains scenes of nudity, violence and coarse language.  Viewer discretion is advised.

In the November 17 airing of Trailer Park Boys, I can confirm that we did air an incorrect version of the episode on the channel.  We apologize for this error and I would like to reassure you that the episode in question has been pulled from HIFI and replaced with a censored version.  That said, I wish to assure you that the Viewer Discretion advisory above was shared throughout the program.

Again, Mr. [D.], on behalf of HIFI, we sincerely apologize for these censorship and viewer advisory errors on the channel.  As a result of your feedback, we have increased the amount of time spent diligently determining where our content is scheduled, as well as the amount of time ensuring all inappropriate language is caught at the quality control level.

That said, we are grateful to you for contacting us with regards to these issues and will work internally to ensure that our programming’s censorship is up to date.

I hope that I have been able to address all of your concerns today.  If you have any further questions or concerns regarding the content that you see on any of Blue Ant Media’s networks, please feel free to contact us at feedback@blueantmedia.ca.

Thank you,

Additional Correspondence

The complainant filed his Ruling Request on February 2 as well as a separate email outlining his continued concerns:

The response is written well, but the F-word and its derivatives are still airing before the late viewing period (9:00pm-6:00am).  I noticed the rating icons are shown for only about 4 seconds instead of 15–16 seconds.

The Mechanic

was censored, but at times the audio was not.  It was my mistake of calling this film War, but it is not my mistake of saying that the F-word was not always removed from the audio.  HIFI also broadcasted other films with problems in the censored version (examples below), although this is more obvious in The Mechanic.

10 000 BC

is still airing without viewer advisories.  The audio is uncensored.  "(Censored)" is in place of the F-words in the closed captioning.

Trailer Park Boys

I do not remember the details on how the word was poorly censored for the date and time I mentioned.  It could be just the vowel sound in the middle was muted.  I watched an episode where only the voice was muted, but the background noise was not.  The background noise (audio from the camera microphone maybe) contained the word, just not as loud as the voice.