CBSC Codes

The CBSC administers codes of standards for television and radio broadcasting. The codes were drafted voluntarily by industry groups to serve as guidelines for their industry. They are revised from time to time.

The CBSC has no involvement in the day-to-day operations of stations; broadcasters maintain complete creative, managerial and journalistic independence. The CBSC recognizes that freedom of expression is a fundamental principle in a democratic society. The codes are not inconsistent with that social value; the private broadcasters voluntarily created standards for themselves in order to demonstrate their commitment to responsible broadcasting and their sensitivity to the communities they serve.

The codes and the activities of the CBSC are intended to balance broadcasters’ right to freedom of expression with their desire to best serve the public. The CBSC does not monitor programming, nor does it pre-clear or pre-censor programming. In order for the CBSC to initiate its complaints process and examine a program, it must receive a complaint from a listener or viewer who has heard or seen something that concerns him/her, that was broadcast by a participating broadcaster.