CRTC Sets The Agenda For Reviewing Its Policy Framework For All Sectors Of Radio And Calls For Comments On A Review Of Commercial Radio (disponible en anglais seulement)

Ottawa-Hull, August 1, 1997 - The CRTC today set out an agenda for the review of its policies for all sectors of radio, including commercial radio, not-for-profit radio, and CBC radio. The full text of the Media Release can be found at the CRTC website.

Currently a number of regulatory mechanisms are in place to help ensure that radio fulfils the guiding principles set out in the Broadcasting Act. These mechanisms address matters such as content requirements for Canadian and French-language musical selections, local programming, diversity of programming and ownership of broadcasting undertakings. The Commission wishes to review all policies and regulations relating to radio broadcasting in order to determine whether they continue to be relevant and effective as the radio industry adapts to new technologies and opportunities such as digital radio and satellite delivered programming. For those mechanisms that are considered to be no longer relevant and effective, the Commission is interested in considering suggestions for new approaches. For those mechanisms that are considered to be still relevant and effective, the Commission is interested in receiving suggestions concerning whether and how they could be improved.

In a separate document (Public Notice CRTC 1997-104) issued simultaneously, the Commission announced the review process for the commercial sector of radio.

Issues relating to programming that is of high standard and balanced on matters of public concern, including issues related to the mandate of the CBSC are found in paragraphs 60-67.