CBSC Pleased To Announce Q107 Commitment To Respect CAB Codes

Ottawa, December 12, 1997 - The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has received CILQ-FM (Q107)’s commitment to observe Canadian broadcast standards in connection with the future broadcast of the Howard Stern Show.

Following the November 11 negative decision of the CBSC relating to the broadcast of the Howard Stern Show episodes of the first two weeks of September, Q107 (and CHOM-FM in Montreal) had been obliged to broadcast that result and to inform the CBSC of its intention to ensure that its broadcasts of the Show would, in future, comply with the CAB Code of Ethics and the CAB Sex-Role Portrayal Code.

The announcement had been made; however, the CBSC had not understood the commitment made in the December 10 Media Release from Q107 to reflect the required ongoing commitment. A letter of December 11 from Q107’s parent company, Western International Communications (WIC) and subsequent discussions with WIC executives have clarified that issue.

In sum, Q107 has committed to “take whatever steps are necessary ... to remain in compliance [with the Broadcasting] Act, including the Radio Regulations and any applicable Codes.” The Council has been assured that Q107 has taken steps to guarantee: 1) that station personnel are aware of the sensitivities reflected in the broadcast Codes; 2) that the appropriate technological steps will be taken to carefully monitor the Show and respect the CBSC’s stated concerns; and 3) that portions of the program may be edited to conform to Canadian broadcast standards so as to ensure that the version of the Show available to CILQ’s audience will be in compliance with the Codes on an ongoing basis.

CBSC National Chair Ron Cohen stated: “It should be reassuring to all Canadians to know that Q107 and its parent company remain committed to the self-regulatory structure of which they have been an integral part. By agreeing to respect Canadian standards, the broadcasters recognize that the Canadian airwaves differ from those in the United States and that Canadian audiences are entitled to benefit from that cultural difference. Q107 and WIC have responded to a demanding and complex situation in a way which will benefit Canadian listeners.”

Although Cohen was confident that Q107 would succeed in meeting the objectives it had set out for itself, he was quite aware of the fact that some persons might be concerned about whether the station would succeed in achieving an acceptable version of the Stern Show. Consequently, he added that “This confidence does not in any way mean that the Council has washed its hands of this matter. It will continue to apply its procedures to ensure that compliance does in fact occur and the Council’s procedures will remain available to any listeners who believe that future episodes of the Show breach any Canadian broadcast standards.”

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